The Site site is not the first home page is not necessarily right down! Please don’t panic

in a blog post on Zac Zac found the answer in the text is to say, about stie:www.xxx贵族宝贝 is not in the home is not to be able to judge a site is down right, love Shanghai algorithm is in accordance with the weight and height of the page to sort the general website home page weight is the highest when site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 the general case will appear in the first place. Some fruit weight will be larger than the weight of home page. So when site:www.xxxcom weight high ranking in the first page will. The home page will sort in the back, in a situation like this is not absolute: from the Site domain to determine whether a site is down right. On this issue the author cited a case as shown below: read more

The website is needed before decision what

decided it must change, you need to make the appropriate decisions in the revision before the need for rectification which contents, then formulate rectification method, it can effectively improve the website effect, and can control the negative effect of the revision to the lowest level. The following analysis of some key decision content.

but if it comes to the revision of the CMS system, which means that there is a significant change, including the HTML code, static URL etc.. Even the URL naming conventions changed. But if you choose the CMS station system itself optimization performance, also will have a serious negative impact on the revised website. So in the CMS revision, must be on the CMS system analysis, selection of high quality CMS system, then as far as possible the use of the original URL naming conventions, use the same name as consistent as possible, so as to reduce the negative impact on the CMS revision in the website. read more

From the point of view of Google patent domain name weight influence domain name to Shanghai Dragon

in the application, the noble baby very much can be referred for search engine ranking factor, the main content is related to the analysis of historical data files.

December 31, 2003, noble baby submitted a patent in the United States Patent Office, called "information retrieval based on historical data (Original: Information retrieval based on historical data), as shown in figure ".

is proposed in the domain of weight, numerous methods to search engine optimization using a variety of the domain name weight really exist for the complicated test – after all the major search engine ranking algorithm is absolutely the core of commercial secrets, is not possible to disclose all the details to the optimization of the staff. read more

Before the station is not included to expand the two level domain is dug the grave site

two level domain name included, if your site is not included, so the whole weight of the website is a kind of transfer, we should have the website weight is concentrated in the primary site, but your two level domain name has not been included, the master search engine, this time will cause the spider crawling ignore the master directly crawling two level domain, through space log analysis, if you find it, then there are only two ways: 1, increase the chain input intensity, whether through the chain to make a full range of spider web 2, to strengthen the quality accreditation; master the content, whether it is the content of the web site there is a problem. If you master by these methods has not been recognized as love Shanghai, I tell you, you have two choices: read more

How to make money from bloggingLei Jun learned three points from Ali, which is the core of the suc

millet try

but, first of all, we have to understand some of the differences in the existing blog products. China blog Blogcn blog has a certain amount of user groups, but these users are often more love writing essays and other emotional words, and recommended the channel poor blog commercial utilization rate is not high. Even so, Chinese blogs and other blogs they represent are personal, strong and low – profile products that provide service only to users without using them. And Sina blog higher openness, plus the classification of the channel recommended, as well as professional comments, writers are more, covering the most content, attention is the highest, so, blog is more widely used. Some have even commented that several blogs, represented by Sina’s blog, are emerging media. Sohu’s blog is indeed adhered to its grassroots purpose, but it is just such grassroots shows its people, the whole is mediocre or even not too much for the majority of Internet users in the writers. Sohu blog status may be sandwiched between Sina blog and Chinese blog, in terms of business utilization, there is still room for development. read more

How to see the effect of website optimization website ranking is evidence.

anchor text

when using the anchor text, an article which don’t use too much, so not much good for website optimization. Although the website optimization must be published, but it is not necessary for each article with anchor text. If the user is interested in a keyword, but through the anchor text to click on links and keywords little contact, will also have an impact on the website image. In fact, this kind of low quality text anchor text is said.

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel most love is the way with the chain. The chain of website optimization certainly useful, but this is not to say that any chain. When the website optimization, try to content, don’t always use chain. Some people even think that the more the chain optimization, the influence of the rankings better, so they continue with the chain. However, this is likely to add their own a lot of waste outside the chain. This kind of chain not only make the website optimization more and more difficult, or even result in extremely unstable ranking. read more

Beginners to learn several problems must be considered the website optimization

second, our website to provide services for users to think about those problems. Each type of site service user groups, age, patterns vary, we take enterprise station for example, as a professional Shanghai dragon Er, to increase the number of content and link for the site to consider the most is not every day, but how customers can through their own site to get those valuable things for example, business news and information is the user to understand the business information window, honor is the cornerstone to increase customer trust, and contact or the user is answering the first time and customer communication enterprises, enterprises and users is the most effective way of communication, in order to further enhance the service quality of site, many companies also set up a special line communication training, business case and production workshop, machining process, these are no doubt help users better understand the enterprise I believe, companies have done the necessary station details. read more

360 search optimization can not be ignored to dare

so why in the 360 search engine optimization? The author thinks that at least have the following advantages: first, the 360 is more inclusive, so the optimization difficulty is not so high. Second, 360 search engines have improved, so the algorithm is more stable and fair. Third, because 360 is a new search engine, in order to provide search services, then we need to gather more content, if blindly call love Shanghai search results, is advertised to love Shanghai, but also not conducive to their own development, as long as the content of your site original enough, the quality is relatively high, generally can be included. Fourth, 360 itself has entered the second largest search engine ranks, plus the security software this strong background, limitless future development. Fifth, computer lab 360 more love fool operation, which will undoubtedly bring greater development space to 360 search engines. read more

10.25 love Shanghai earthquake on some speculation web site is down right


4. love Shanghai products chain implicated. Many people may have not to consider this problem, how to say my other sites use the same technique to optimize are no problem, but the love of Shanghai Post Bar chain of love Shanghai station was drop right, so it is probably because I love the Shanghai products do influence the hyperlink. Love Shanghai anti hyperlink algorithm if the implementation of the first to check it should be Shanghai love home products, so that a period of time in the recent don’t love Shanghai product links. read more

Grassroots webmaster share Shanghai dragon record growth


was the first to do the chain first consideration is the love of Shanghai know, with products related to the love of Shanghai, try to answer plus links can make the landlord satisfaction is accepted, of course, this is likely to be temporary, because love in Shanghai know when your website there is a certain number of times it will automatically do not pass the audit, the next step is to through the webmaster forum to post, successively in the laggards, A5, 28 and other well-known forums, the second is in the blog writing and posting classified information network with Web links and the anchor text links, and high quality website links (you can buy or exchange), the need to do is to update the text at the beginning, is updated every 3 days later is updated once a week, on time more than 20 days a month is now 2 times the effect, here we may doubt why Now the effect is reduced? Here I will give you talk about the optimization of experienced rough read more