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Several opinions on further improving the grading system will be implemented next month

since March 1st, our province will be formally implemented "on a number of opinions" to further improve the classification treatment system, this reporter learned from the recently held provincial health reform leading group of the second meeting in 2014.

meeting, this year, the province will continue to promote comprehensive reform of public hospitals at the county level, in order to strive for the original basis, the remaining 56 county-level public hospitals into the country’s new public hospital reform pilot area. April will oversee the inspection of the province’s comprehensive reform of public hospitals at all levels in the region, focusing on the abolition of the examination to support the medical care, funding and personnel distribution system reform. Training and training of medical staff in County Public hospitals. According to the county public hospital existing savings ratio of 80% for open recruitment of medical staff. In addition, it will further improve the classification of diagnosis and treatment system, since March 1st, the official implementation of the opinions on further improving the grading system of diagnosis and treatment. In terms of the reform of Medicare payment, the province will pay close attention to the development of a total control of the Medicare payment system reform program. Rational selection of two counties to carry out capitation, DRGs and other payment reform pilot. Increasing the participation rate of urban workers, urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance. As soon as possible on the development of urban and rural residents to raise health insurance financing standards.

meeting the requirements of our province health informatization construction to ensure that the May test run, June officially running; further improving the drug strokes distribution policy, improve the efficiency of delivery, ensure the delivery rate of 97%; two, accelerate the formation of a State Medical Association, in order to adapt to the implementation of the comprehensive reform of the county public hospitals and clinics grading system, new medicine CIS principle control within the 40 hospitals; medical institutions to effectively maintain normal medical order, protect the people’s medical security.

in addition, the meeting also on health infrastructure projects, serious illness medical insurance and other work requirements.



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