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Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce remediation non-standard advertising language

to create a civilized city public advertising, not only to enhance the city’s civilization quality, create a good atmosphere of a city, but these advertisements on the standard written language is often unsightly. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the creation of the national civilized city of Xining City, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau will this month within the city carried out again to a city public advertising language the word does not regulate the campaign in the early months of the campaign, there are 5 units by the Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce business wide at work correct personnel.

It is reported that

, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau contact actively with the construction of spiritual civilization in Xining City, the steering committee and urban management and other departments in creating a civilized city public advertising propaganda, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure the effectiveness of remediation. All kinds of Xining area of a city publicity carrier conducted a comprehensive inspection, ensure all kinds of promotional materials, a city of high quality written language specification, elegant appearance, and resolutely put an end to all kinds of publicity language is not standardized, words errors, ambiguous phenomenon, "do the task, measures, personnel, responsibility for the implementation of" four. In the August renovation in the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau supplier wide dispatched inspectors to 352 passengers, vehicles 81 times, check the Xining news media 8, advertising company 195, billboard 375, LED display 75. Some of the advertising business unit production of public service advertising language is not standardized, and even the use of 5 units of the wrong words in a timely manner to correct. (author: Ding Li Zongfang)


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