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Xining Chrysanthemum Exhibition only Yuwuwan flowering month mid autumn chrysanthemum

chrysanthemum is one of the ten famous flowers in China, known as the "flower gentleman", indifferent to the nature, and for people like Ao xue. To the autumn chrysanthemum, in September 17th, sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau, Xining City Tourism Bureau, Xining wildlife zoo in the fourth "mid autumn gold, to celebrate the national day exhibition was officially opened, fifty thousand pots of chrysanthemums bloom in the Xining wild animal park a new dress.

according to reports, the golden autumn exhibition from September 17th to October 20th. Juzhan exhibited fifty thousand pots of chrysanthemums are wild zoo in Xining to breed, a total of more than and 100 species. The fifty thousand pots of chrysanthemums by breeding, sets of pots, pinching, bud bud thinning, dwarf treatment, water and fertilizer management techniques to successfully enter the flowering period. Unlike in previous years, this year Juzhan main color yellow purple in color collocation on white more full than last year. This year Juzhan also added a new member – a good friend "butterfly flowers". Placed in the flowers of the butterfly will set off a more vivid flowers. It is worth a visit, this year Juzhan, there will be a wild zoo in New Variety "cultivate their own green," and "the roaring of lions". These two new varieties of chrysanthemum not only bright colors, but also the shape of the atmosphere, is the top of the chrysanthemum.

addition, flower period, Xining wild zoo will also hold some festivals.

from September 19th to October 20th, the Xining wild zoo will carry out the "send the truth" package garden activities. In the meantime, visitors can enjoy the original price 125 yuan, a package discount price 90 yuan (including park tickets, sightseeing tickets train tickets, tickets, tickets 5D cinema aquarium, family joy garden, wanpiao beast area feeding 6 tickets, including tickets) parent-child fun park tickets can be used interchangeably with 5D cinema tickets. At the same time, the park will be launched with the Group buy network buy tickets.

September 30th the same day, where the birthday of the year in September 30th, ID cards and other valid documents, you can enjoy free admission. From September 30th to October 20th, the Xining wildlife park will hold wildlife protection, scientific research and other activities. September 10th to October 10th, the Xining wildlife park will be combined with the Xining Municipal Bureau of education, to the Xining city teachers give 5000 tickets. (author: Wu Yachun)



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