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2016 Kunlun nternational Symposium on culture and intangible cultural heritage

8 18, by the Ministry of culture of folk art development center, Chinese folk society and Qinghai Federation of literary and art circles, the Golmud Municipal People’s Government of Qinghai province and the folklore society jointly sponsored the 2016 Kunlun culture and intangible cultural heritage of the international academic forum held in Golmud. 60 experts and scholars from home and abroad gathered in the "son of Kunlun" — Golmud, Kunlun culture and intangible cultural heritage as a central issue, explore the intangible cultural heritage under the background of history and current situation of Kunlun culture, to give advice and suggestions of Kunlun culture inheritance and protection.

National Cheng Kung University professor Chen Yiyuan, former president of the association of Korean folk, Korea National University professor Luo Jingzhu, President of the Folklore Society of Japan bear Cheng, Smithson institute director Robert, China folklore society, vice president of Qinghai Province, the folk society president Zhao Zongfu were entitled "intangible cultural heritage", strengthen the maintenance of "Korean intangible cultural heritage law specifies the significance and future", "China spread to Okinawa," Smithson thought "the geomancy study of intangible cultural heritage protection", "national cultural tradition in the construction of Kunlun’s cultural heritage" report on the subject from different angles and levels of in-depth discussions on the Kunlun culture and the protection of intangible cultural heritage.

, as the intangible cultural heritage of Kunlun, is the main body of Chinese classical mythology, and also one of the sources of Chinese civilization and Chinese culture. In pursuit of the sun, and other well-known, the goddess patching the sky dogged determination of myths and legends, derived from the development of Kunlun culture broad and profound, has a long history of Chinese civilization has become a source of ideas and culture, the source of spiritual source, attracted the attention of experts and scholars at home and abroad.

Golmud is the core area of Kunlun and the birthplace of the myth of Kunlun culture, since the last century since 80s, Golmud city have opened up a number of Kunlun culture as the theme of the scenic spots and tourist routes, organized by the Kunlun Cultural Tourism Festival, Kunlun Cultural Forum and a series of activities, have a positive role in promoting the cultivation of communication in Kunlun the culture in the country and the world. At present, Golmud Kunlun Mountains World Geological Park awarding opened as an opportunity, is planning to implement the Kunlun temple, the buffalo Valley Yao Chi, Kunlun Shengquan, 318 self driving camp and other projects, through advanced technology and the image of the city cultural tourism industry development, the center of Golmud into a research and Development Center, Kunlun cultural development center, communication tourist experience.



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