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Prosperity of the ecological and cultural rule of law

"Prosperity is the foundation of urban development. Ecology is the basis of urban development. Humanism is the soul of urban development. Rule of law is the development of cities. Construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, to do a good job of ‘prosperity, ecology, humanity, the rule of law’ four articles." "The city should adhere to the problem oriented, strong or weak, make up the short board, tough questions, to seek a breakthrough in the city planning, construction, management and innovation etc.!"

4 16, the city’s urban planning and construction management work conference held. Mayor Wang Yubo stressed the need to deeply understand the new requirements of urban and rural development in the new era, accurately grasp the management of city planning and construction of the objectives and requirements, to promote the city planning and construction management to achieve new breakthroughs, strengthen the responsibility to implement the tasks.

meeting summed up in recent years the city’s successful experience in urban planning and construction management, analysis of the current situation, the overall arrangements for the future of the city’s urban and rural planning and construction blueprint. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang presided over the meeting. Three county deputy mayor Wang Ping, Zhang Qian, Jin Jiuchen and municipal authorities, four attended the meeting.

new requirements for urban and rural development in the new period

– Wang Yubo said in Xining in the development of growth in growth, as Xining has a long history of the ancient plateau, in the joint efforts of people of all ethnic groups, has been accompanied by the footsteps of the times in the development, growth, and growth in the country, especially since the implementation of western development strategy, Xining is entering the history of hitherto unknown outbreak the development period, seize the great opportunities of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government to promote the construction of the eastern city group to build, make people satisfied with the life of the city, happy city, accelerating the pace of urban construction, city space expanding, carrier function improvement, continuous improvement of people’s livelihood, for the province to support and lead the increasing role.

Xining is our most warm home round Wang Yubo pointed out that Xining is the most beautiful city in our minds, the most warm home circle. Stand in a new stage of development, facing the complex development environment, we must recognize the situation, face the problem, reflects the new thinking, deepen our understanding of the characteristics of the city and the development direction of the cognition, to further expand the development vision, accurately grasp the importance of the new period of urban and rural planning and construction management work. Because this is the inherent requirement to enhance the competitiveness of the city, is an objective requirement for the realization of scientific development, is an urgent requirement to improve the people’s happiness index, is an inevitable requirement for the development of the province’s service support.

good ecological and cultural prosperity of the rule of law article

Wang Yubo stressed that the implementation of "the four overall strategic layout, building a harmonious and beautiful Xining, construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, from the perspective of total lead, to do the" prosperity, ecology, humanities, law "four article.

[prosperity is the basis of urban development] only prosperity and progress of the city, harmonious and beautiful, in order to retain people, attractive. Rely on urban prosperity, the key is to grasp the industrial support. There is a city of industry, the industry is Hing Hing city. At present, the city is still in the process can be great, should be able to accomplish an important strategic opportunity period, the key to grasp the industrialization, service;


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