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Yan Jinhai in Xining Haidong inspection guidance for environmental remediation and restoration of ve

is an important indicator to further promote the province’s first district ecological civilization construction, fully implement the provincial government decision to deploy and Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng spirit, June 27th, vice governor Yan Jinhai depth Xining, Haidong city regional environmental inspection guidance to focus on remediation and restoration of vegetation. He stressed that careful organization, strengthen regulation, and strive to create urban ecological landscape corridor.

Yan Jinhai inspected the south ring along and around the airport, sand and gravel management, afforestation, land leveling and other work and pointed out that the Xining Airport Expressway and the surrounding ecological environment, is an important window to show the image of the city, is an important carrier of the construction of ecological livable city. Relevant regions and departments should intensify afforestation in key areas, strengthen ecological environment improvement, better serve economic and social development and people’s lives, and realize the unity of ecological, social and economic benefits.

Yan Jinhai stressed that the responsibility of the unit to make persistent efforts to continue to focus on the key areas of environmental remediation and vegetation restoration work, do a good job closing and post management. To increase the green construction, the development of green space, carefully cultivated, careful management, to create a good atmosphere of love green, green, green. To strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the surrounding environment, in accordance with the law to carry out illegal construction of the whole, to curb dust and green space to build, strengthen green upgrade, to ensure that no blind spots and dead. To adhere to the territorial management, clear the main responsibility, the formation of long-term mechanism. To strengthen the standardized management of land circulation, and earnestly safeguard the interests of farmers.



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