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The province to carry out the international girls Day theme promotional activities

10 11 is the international day of girls, this year’s theme of the province is concerned about the growth of girls, improve the health of girls". The aim is to appeal to the whole society to pay close attention to girls, to care for the growth of girls, to eliminate gender discrimination, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of girls, and to create a social environment conducive to the growth and development of girls. On the same day, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission in conjunction with the Xining municipal health and Family Planning Commission and the Huangyuan County Health Family Planning Bureau held "the girl’s Day" propaganda service activities, promotional activities, the experts carried out early, high school youth girls safety knowledge, adolescent physiological and psychological health knowledge and women’s rights of the child maintenance legal knowledge etc. the lecture, and presented a love spree for the 200 girls, to achieve individual and collective micro aspiration for 10 poor girl. Also combined with the Red Cross fraternity action, for 31 high school girls each issued a grant of $1000. The recipient of the girls on behalf of the sign language dance "thanksgiving heart", expressed gratitude to the people of all walks of life, warm atmosphere. The event also exhibited the related content of the publicity card, issued the girls’ rights, caring for girls and other promotional materials, and participate in activities for the masses of the scene to provide free clinic and advisory services.

due to the rich content of activities, diverse forms, the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in. The activities of the CPC issued the total value of grants and gifts of more than 5 yuan, more than 2000 copies of promotional materials, clinic and consulting 200 passengers.



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