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What are the location of the dry cleaning shop

dry cleaners are a good business at the moment, if you open a dry cleaners, then you can get a good income. A lot of friends want to invest in dry cleaners, then, open dry cleaning stores, then, what are the location skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

first, frequent commercial activities in the district. This area because of row upon row of shops, commercial outlets has formed the scale, the holidays are usually the customer The stream never stops flowing. flow waves. This region is characterized by: the customer to the consumer, if in this period of a dry cleaning shop, because customers come here to do the laundry especially convenient. I can buy the necessary things, too, can save time, Why not?? But these lots often land, even if there are conditions to set up shop in this position, must also be carefully assessed, because here rent prices may be particularly high, in addition to large expenditure, how much profit, must be carefully planned, if there is not much profit, it is not necessary to take greater risks.

if you remove all the expenses, as well as more lucrative profits, then do not be scared by expensive high rent. What is the location of dry cleaning shop skills? In general, high investment and high returns are proportional to each other. Therefore, it is worthwhile to spend a lot of money to find a good address. Of course, high rents will increase operating pressure, there is a greater risk. Entrepreneurs have to think about whether the adequacy of the funds, experience, how to operate with ease, to consider the factors in this series.

second, the population density of residential areas. This area due to the absolute number of people in the area, in which to open a dry cleaning shop, dry cleaning shop location technology? As long as we can ensure the quality of laundry and Valet relatively stable operation. At present, the intensive development of urban residential areas, many places have been the rise of a considerable number of residential areas, residential community development trend. Various types of stores, such as restaurants, hair salons and other advance into the residential area, and achieved good operating results. If the choice is easy to operate.

third, block selection skills.

(1) corner location: the corner is located at the intersection of the two streets, can produce " corner effect " dry cleaning franchise store location skills? Is often the ideal dry cleaners address. Its advantages are: can increase the display area of the window, two streets of the flow of people gathered here, there are more people to patronize. In this opened a dry cleaners will attract more customers to come to spend.

(2) trigeminal junctions: this type of location of the dry cleaners, from all angles are very conspicuous, dry cleaning stores have location skills? However, in this position the dry cleaners should try to play to their strengths, in the dry cleaning shop at the entrance of the front decoration, shop signs, advertising signs, show window should be carefully set.


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