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My goal is to enable everyone to wear their own shoes

many women start their business, often because of their need for a thing. By chance, Yang Yanbo was able to show his talent for design. Yang Yanbo designed the shoes sold to Taiwan, is the most popular in the same batch of shoes. This let Yang Yanbo excited, she began to open a shop dedicated to creating belong to Asian high heels.

"I’m Asian foot type typical foot, short and wide, often can not buy suitable high-heeled shoes, because shoes are at the foot of the European and American design." As a result, the women to quit the coveted brand director, decided to go a stroke.

"a good pair of high heels is wearing running, I wear high heels with his own design running together, it can run over him." Yang Yanbo’s dream is to design a high heels that can run.

"on the market are buying shoes, rarely do custom high-heeled shoes, Changsha in which we are the only one, too, I have no people. It’s my biggest goal to let everyone wear comfortable shoes."



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