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66 overseas students innovation contest winning projects will be located in Suzhou

China’s rapid economic development, brought about by a major advantage is that the number of students returning to business increased. For international students, they both have advanced foreign experience and knowledge, but also familiar with the Chinese market, returning home is a very good choice.

before the tenth session of the China students studying innovation and entrepreneurship competition winning projects will be held in Suzhou, from overseas 66 Contest winning project winners in Suzhou will promote innovation and entrepreneurship environment.

the docking to the depth of excavation China students studying innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition outstanding project resources, to attract and support overseas students to innovation and entrepreneurship in Suzhou. Participate in the matchmaking will be mainly from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, a total of 66 innovative and entrepreneurial projects. These projects are mainly concentrated in high-tech and emerging industries, which accounted for 33% of electronic information, biological medicine accounted for 20%, accounting for 14% of energy saving and environmental protection, new energy and new materials accounted for 11%, with high technological content and market prospect.

in order to improve the success rate of projects settled in the matchmaking and integration of many elements of innovation and entrepreneurship and market resources, the city’s ten sector investment activities, which involved in the field of concentrated entrepreneurial carrier to negotiate docking on more than 70 companies, venture capital institutions and affiliated funds of nearly 20. From the previous docking situation, all projects have docking, which is based on the dynamic bionic camera machine vision system and other nearly 30% projects also received more than 5 cities and counties, the depth of the docking intent.

how to make the student entrepreneurship open local entrepreneurial market better, students also create customized needs what kind of business support and guidance? This is the governments around the world are thinking about the issue, the current government investment task has been a new hot spot, to attract overseas students: innovation and entrepreneurship is worth a try.

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