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Video of Minister Aziz Rebbah Buried in the Sand Goes Viral

Rabat – Minister of Energy, Mines, and Sustainable Development Aziz Rebbah was enjoying a sand bath. Visiting the Draa-Tafilalet region over the weekend, Rebbah took some time to try the sand therapy of Merzouga.The 38-second video of the minister buried up to the neck in sand has gone viral on social media. In the video, a background voice narrates, “the minister of energy is treated by solar energy.””I went to Merzouga because I suffer from sciatica; that’s why I am buried in the sand to seek treatment,” said the minister, when contacted by Arabic outlet Chouf TV. This therapy is indeed an effective treatment against rheumatism, polyarthritis, lower back pain and some skin diseases. It is a literal sand bath: immersing oneself for a few minutes in the hot sand of the dunes of Merzouga.Even though this practice is usually used by locals, Merzouga is nevertheless a health tourism destination. The sand bath is practiced between June and September, when the sand is at its hottest.


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