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Financial boost entrepreneurial innovation round new Ningbo people entrepreneurial dream

there are many people who want to live in order to dream, and everyone wants to find a city to settle down and live a happy life. In order to help the new Ningbo people round entrepreneurial dream, HP has brought preferential financial policies.

"in the bank’s help, I don’t have to worry about the lack of funds!" The day before, from Lishui to Tyrone bank Ningbo branch of the Ningbo old Chen Beilun business services satisfied.

10 years ago, old Chen started from the street stalls, slowly have their own store. Relying on the bank to provide him with 200 thousand yuan loan rolling development, now in Ningbo, Chen has a chain of supermarkets, the annual revenue reached $9 million. He has settled in Ningbo to buy a house to become rooted in Ningbo, the new Ningbo people".

"business financing difficult, difficult in the fables, even a good reputation, often afraid to loan bank. What we do is’ dare to lend ‘, see the character, not only assets." Tyrone bank Ningbo branch Inclusive Finance Department official said.

How to see

"character"? Tyrone bank has a "old way". From the heritage of 20 years of Mishina three, side to the association, fellow circle around, and then to the daily cash flow evaluation, after all, the entrepreneur is the "pragmatic" and "reputation".

right after graduation to work in Ningbo Jiangxi’s young Deng Jiahu has always had a dream, although he graduated in the treatment units is not low, but still decided to sea, and wife two people move back and forth on the water purifier business agent, expect to break a career in the Ningbo sea Amoy city. Start with just about 100000 yuan of funds still have gap, has not landed. Try holding the attitude, he came to Tyrone bank Ningbo branch. That need not mortgage, guarantee, he was overjoyed.

"two couples are undergraduates, not what bad hobby, do business plan. Moreover, the evaluation of neighbor fellow honest and reliable. Loans to him, our mind." Reception of the customer manager Deng said.

with 100 thousand yuan of pure credit loans, Deng set up a small agency scale. Although the first year, the company’s turnover has reached one million yuan. Now, Deng look forward to March 10th Tyrone bank Jiangdong Branch officially opened, after the nearby loan repayment.

it is understood that last year by the State Administration of Taxation, Jiangdong Wumao Jiangdong District Federation and Tyrone bank Ningbo branch jointly launched the "tax silver" project, also opened convenient ways for Small and micro businesses Yongcheng business: with the past tax records, you can get the bank lending. Recommended places


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