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A classic case of entrepreneurial start empty-handed bigwigs

in our life, there will be some start empty-handed entrepreneurs, start empty-handed for many entrepreneurs who, behind them there are some people who have succeeded, but behind the success of these men also have a lot of places worth learning.

in his open by selling newspapers to make money the white BMW car, the back carrying three computer, a University of Texas soon become the offbeat freshman, he realized that the computer will become the most important tool since twentieth Century,   has been; are facing a great opportunity. At that time, the computer industry including apple computer and IBM etc. all the major manufacturers have chosen to sell computer through DELL dealers, but Michael thought with the direct sales of the more efficient   provide value and better service for customers, and hopes to become a leader in this line. In 1984, Michael DELL dropped out of school and opened his own company in, an office of about 93 square meters, named  , DELL".

has been listed on the NASDAQ Shanda first published financial statements, the second day, Chen Tianqiao shares held by market capitalization reached about 11. 100 million U.S. dollars ($9 billion), more than NetEase founder Ding Lei, becoming the new richest man in china. Just 5 years time, his wealth soared 18000 times



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