101 wisdom cloud teaching system

now, with the development of globalization and the Internet, modern people have broken the traditional teaching mode, the Internet is to help teachers and students in the real environment to help people interact effectively. Today, the development momentum of 101 wisdom cloud teaching system is very good, won the hearts of consumers and entrepreneurs.

101 distance education network to join

2016 in April 10th, Chongzhou City Bureau of education led by Chongqing middle school experimental school, Chongzhou middle school and Shu River source city high school school principals and teachers, participated in the ninth primary and secondary school education and classroom practice wisdom turnover seminar 101 Distance Education Network Education Institute, Hunan Province jointly organized the "middle school".

Chongzhou City Board of education, the relevant leaders believe that information technology is a way to make the vast majority of students can enjoy high-quality, inclusive education. Local education authorities should seize the opportunity to actively promote the pilot application, information teaching work, to create a new mode of education is more simple, more happy and more fair for students.

since 2014, the introduction of the Chongzhou Municipal Bureau of education, to Chongqing Experimental School, Chongzhou middle school, Chongqing river source middle school campus and Sichuan city middle school as the core to build a pilot, to the "efficient interaction" for the purpose of teaching platform. After more than a year of hard work, Chongzhou information technology reform has achieved initial results, the teachers’ teaching ideas and methods have changed, students have gradually improved the ability of self-learning, academic performance is also significantly improved. Chongzhou, the initial success of information technology teaching, and the Sichuan news network, today, Chongzhou and other media coverage.

as a front-line teacher, Chongzhou river source secondary school teacher Yuan Dinghui is not only a 101 class of information technology class math teacher, but also a class of children’s father. His teachers and parents in the interpretation of the two roles, use the "101 wisdom teaching system" in the process, as a teacher, through the "learning plan guidance, group cooperation" teaching mode, cultivating students’ interest and creativity; as parents, "101 parents camp" time can be observed children’s learning behavior, save time and worry.

teachers and students use the 101 wisdom cloud teaching system interactive activities. Before class, the teacher use the "lesson" function, testing case and selection before class, release problems and collection of problems to the students through the "101 cloud classroom"; students use the system independent preview, sort the problem and proposes the question. In the class, Yuan teachers to develop a variety of learning activities. Ten minutes before class, on duty to report the class exposure preview knowledge by the teacher a weak point, "my number, each class a show micro class video, share the" 101 parents "camps, help parents understand their children in the classroom, students’ confidence.

at the same time, through the teacher cloth >


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