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Zhengzhou hi tech Zone in 2015 the year of the top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs start

entrepreneurship is not only their own thing, but also social things. Recently, Zhengzhou announced that it will start the ten High-tech Zone outstanding youth entrepreneurship contest, will be selected small and micro entrepreneurs model, to encourage youth entrepreneurship development in Zhengzhou city.

Ten outstanding young entrepreneurs from

after selection will be able to enjoy a number of direct support, one-time grant 30 thousand yuan cash prize award for three consecutive years; enterprises will enjoy 25 yuan per square metre per month rent subsidies, the maximum subsidy area less than 800 square meters, the project won the outstanding, directional referral to venture capital institutions; winners recommended priority access to provincial and municipal and other related aspects of the selection of opportunity.

field, high tech Zone Party Working Committee, discipline committee secretary Zhang Liangcai, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Zhengzhou Municipal Committee Li Lei, deputy director of the NPC Committee high tech Zone Zhang Jiade, leader of Zhengzhou University Employment Guidance Center Zhang Qin, UFO founder Li Yang, the Chinese public record space venture Zhang Shanzheng Haina and guests, as well as local news media, creating more than 150 people attended and witnessed the contest launching ceremony.

"the selection is just the beginning. At present, high-tech zone finance has invested 50 million double guide funds, also set up a 500 million yuan of "independent innovation investment fund" to invest in all kinds of innovation and technology oriented small and medium-sized enterprises." High tech Zone Party work department minister Wang Guili said.

It is reported that the current

, Zhengzhou high tech Zone new three board 48 listed companies, the number of listed companies accounted for nearly 10% of Henan province. This recommended


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