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Li Keqiang cancel household registration restrictions can start all the people

now, more and more policies are in support of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to create a good atmosphere. Chinese economic network commentator Liang Yu believes that "the abolition of the household registration, education and other restrictions impede the free flow of talents, is to pave the way for entrepreneurship and innovation, to achieve" human liberation ", so that innovation is no longer a patent, but more and more people realize the dream of opportunity.

under the new economic norm, entrepreneurship and innovation were high hopes, because it can stimulate economic growth, the other party can alleviate the employment pressure. The key innovation is talent, one of the purposes of deepening the reform is to get rid of all the detained personnel development barriers, so that more "maxima" Pentium gallop.

throughout the reform and opening up 37 years of development, China has made remarkable achievements, the core reason is that "the liberation of people". More and more people out of the land, household registration bundled free, to achieve freedom of movement, freedom of choice, freedom of entrepreneurship, more and more people struggle through the realization of self value, thus promoting economic and social development. Some of them have become a symbol of history, such as Xiaogangcun villagers, Zhongguancun elite……

the abolition of the household registration restrictions, education, innovative talents will undoubtedly reduce life and settled threshold, convenient free flow of talent, add rich human resources for the development of enterprises. In fact, Shanghai has been trying to use the household registration to retain innovative talent. Mention of "science and technology innovation center on accelerating the construction of a global influence of the opinion" in Shanghai city on a certain scale of venture capital enterprise talent team, and obtained a certain amount of venture capital and entrepreneurial talent team.


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