Approached the giant old godmother

old godmother sauce is the vast number of consumers are eaten, they love good sauces, received by the market, has won a huge profit. But who knows, the founder of this huge brand, it is not a culture, literacy is not much of the old lady? Today, let us approach the giant "old godmother"!

a never went to school one day, only to write their name on rural women, actually start empty-handed, in a short span of 6 years, created a $1 billion 300 million in assets of private enterprises! This is not sensational, false news, not before twentieth Century legend, but today it is hard to imagine the real fairy tale!

create this new fairy tale rural women named Tao Huabi, 51 years old this year. Say her name, many people may wonder, but the mention of her "old godmother spicy sauce", it is almost known to every family, known to all. Tao Huabi is the founder of migrant workers who will eat almost every day of the "old godmother spicy sauce", the food production chairman of the large enterprises.

the illiterate 4 rural "old godmother", even the file cannot read, she really is how to set up and manage more than 1300 employees of large enterprises? What is her "trick" and "trick", people be able to learn from? Recently, the reporter interviewed the "old godmother", understand her unique, legendary success stories…… "Trick": to seize the opportunity in the light of its general trend is redoubled "old godmother" named Tao Huabi, 51 years old this year, was born in Meitan County, Guizhou Province, a remote mountain village. Because of poverty, Tao Huabi did not read a large mumbo-jumbo. At the age of 20, she married a team of 206 geological team; but after a few years, her husband died, she was still a child and two. In order to survive, she had to go to work and set up a stall.

1989, a little money for Tao Huabi to live frugally saved up, in a street in Guiyang city Nanming District Longdongbao, with four foundling brick built a house, a shabby restaurant named "affordable restaurant, monopoly jelly and cold. At that time, she specially produced a spicy sauce, as a kind of special seasonings mixed with jelly, the business is very brisk. One morning, Tao Huabi felt dizzy after getting up, he didn’t go to the market to buy pepper.

it touches on the great Tao Huabi. Smart she once spotted the potential of the spicy sauce, then concentrated on it…… After several years of repeated trial, she produced the spicy sauce flavor is more unique. Today, the "old godmother" >


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