How to join Shu nine incense pot

Hot pot to join in the project of a self up to now has experienced 16 years of Hot pot project, has also been in their own strength to prove themselves in the mouth, consumers continue to praise, it is Shu nine incense Hot pot, then Shu nine incense Hot pot to join? If investors can join?

Shu nine incense, originated in the 2000 "happy every Hot pot Tuzao Shuangnan restaurant" a 400 square meters of small shops. Along the way, we harvest is not only full of honor of the hot pot brand, as well as many consumers from the long-term concern and support of silence, these are all the time in the spur, inspire Shu nine incense. Someone said: "to build a market is more important than to sell a batch of products, to find an industry is more important than the development of a market, it is due to 11 years ago, nine people dare to challenge the Shu Xiang Restaurant traditional pattern, 11 years of pioneering Sichuan restaurant market, which makes us today has 14 straight the number of stores, chain stores catering scale.

as the saying goes: "the world will do in detail, will do in the world is difficult, in the business, Shu nine incense always adhere to" quality, quality, taste, brand "business philosophy, in the fine management, form a complete set of quality management system. Invites all walks of life to join, join the process as follows:

first, the consultation phase

1. telephone communication: intention to join the business telephone consultation Shu nine sweet join relevant policies;

2. interview: intention to join the nine company headquarters to Sichuan interview, both sides understand the adaptability (join intention understanding default store the location of the initial fee, the company provides policy support; Shu nine incense company intention to join the investment philosophy and investment expectations, strength, credit, experience, understand the local relationship). By Shu nine incense company to provide information disclosure table and signed by the intention of the franchisee. Shu nine incense on the field of management and investigation, the identification of Shu nine incense business management model, submitted to the voluntary application of Shu Xiang nine incense.

two, preliminary site selection, market research phase

1. understand the site selection criteria: the intention to join the company to the nine companies in Sichuan Province Advisory site selection criteria;

2. site selection: the intention to join the business according to the nine Sichuan hot pot restaurant site selection criteria, in the local cities to search for site resources; choose 2-3 to be Shu nine incense company inspection;

3. payment inspection fee: intention to join the company to Shu nine incense company to arrange personnel to do market research, and pay the inspection fee;

4. investigation: Shu nine incense company after receiving the inspection fee arrangement >


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