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Semi finished products of fresh electricity supplier model A new force suddenly rises. you ready

A big reason

is that young people are not willing to buy cooking ingredients, cleaning and other preparatory work is very troublesome, and is not doing a little worry about food hygiene problems, is in such a tangle of semi-finished products of fresh electricity market A new force suddenly rises. Do not have to prepare for your own good ingredients to do the finished product, so that cooking is a simple thing.

fresh electricity supplier in the field of competition by four to one of the reasons is that many in the field of pain. From the production, circulation, logistics and distribution to the pot cooking, as long as it can solve any of the segments of the pain points, are likely to open up a new vertical market. For young white-collar workers, starting from the dinner scene, Ge can find the entrepreneurial inspiration, founded a recipe based food ordering, booking new flavor website.

this is a relatively novel semi fresh electricity supplier model — Taking the relatively high degree of standardization of the Western-style food recipes as the entry point, the new flavor provides all the ingredients needed for the user, and make the cut with, cleaning and other trivial work, according to the amount of packaging and delivery. This "central kitchen" distribution of fresh ingredients "lazy" way to effectively solve the difficult problem of young white-collar workers to cook, to meet the needs of their fast and delicious food.

makes it simple to cook

change the way of life, so that life becomes simple, many entrepreneurs in the Internet era is the original intention. Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other large e-commerce platform, fast, Didi taxi software, hungry, Amoy little takeaway platform is the practice of the idea.

is holding the same idea, 85 years after the return of youth Ge Ge can embark on the road of entrepreneurship. At that time, he was still in foreign countries and domestic friends chat found that eating for young white-collar workers is a big problem. Despite the rapid rise of a large number of takeaway platform to meet the user’s fast and convenient dining needs, but on how to help them to cook this thing becomes simple, there is no good solution.

in the field of fresh smoke four electricity providers, more entrepreneurs are getting together in the core part of the supply chain to find a breakthrough. Most people’s business logic is: in a better mode to provide users with better quality products and services, to solve the production, circulation or cold chain distribution and other aspects of the problem.

in the field to the table, the whole industry chain of fresh products, cooking is the most important part of the operation. All along, this part of the innovative gameplay is not much.

to provide, share recipes based UGC gourmet community kitchen is considered a relatively successful one of the typical. Provide and share food recipes to the learner, and allow more people to become content producers, learners and producers


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