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Wang Liping relies on a keen insight to seize opportunities

when many people lamented the development of the market is not good, but the owner can continue to grasp a variety of business opportunities. Owner Wang Liping, is a cheerful, enthusiastic young man, operating Shanghang County wholesale supermarket has been 11 years. The 33 year old boy always said to do business like a wolf, have a keen insight, "the wolf can insight into the food infested our shop to seize opportunities, to operate tobacco wolf freely, big embrace popularity and wealth."

highway business opportunities to grasp

Wang Liping’s shop is located near the intersection of high speed, in the highway construction, he immediately thought that this is a good opportunity, there will certainly be a lot of migrant workers. He used the brand match method, advance understanding of multi-channel brand characteristics and construction of the migrant workers in the cigarette smoking habits, and then refining the core value of "Septwolves" brand, the classification of the wolf taste and consumer tastes match.


will "Septwolves" tentacles extended to the migrant workers, expand consumer pack. In addition, he also made the ratio of food and workers, so that each worker can find the taste of home in the store. The workers to return home to visit relatives, Wang will send some small gifts to local, this warm and friendly shopping experience is to let his shop full of guests.

wedding business frequently about

Wang Liping’s father was a local teacher, in the local small prestige event often to consult him, ask what to prepare for it. In the shop after the upgrade, Wang Liping became famous in the local tobacco store, and the store varieties and his genuine goods at a fair price enthusiastic service, so he often undertakes wedding smoke. Wang Liping will be the wedding banquet consumers are divided into three types of consumer groups from high to low according to the price, classification and promotion: high class consumer promotion mainly "immortal", "immortal"; in the consumer promotion "Luxuries" and "wolf"; low class consumer promotion "red wolf" and "double happiness".

Wang Liping also used the opportunity to carry out the wedding banquet "wheel of fortune happiness" independent marketing activities to attract consumers to buy wedding cigarettes. Longyan fencer Wang Weifa is Caixi, he won the World Youth Fencing Championships Men’s team champion foil after Yijin return, Wang Liping seize the opportunity to carry out the celebration of "small Tong Xian" feast promotion, let his shop selling more than and 30 "small Tong xian".

tourism business opportunities recommend

"Wang, today, my wife came to a number of foreign relatives to visit the memorial hall for a while. To go back to see what kind of specialty back?" "How to point our Shanghang Caixi tour box? You can put two packs of cigarettes, a person to send a box of two, and the atmosphere, and good-looking, face……" Mao Zedong nine to Shanghang, three Caixi.


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