Why customers are picky

many operators have lamented now is not good business to do, because it is more and more captious customers, after all, the current can provide the service shop is more and more selective, customers were naturally picky. In the face of customer critical, as an operator, if you want to be a good solution, you need to know why customers will be picky. In fact, the customer after the analysis of the breakdown is a specific classification, different situations need to be treated differently.

modern business rule "customer is God", so even if the critical customer not love, be patient reception. Why customers are picky about their reasons, the sales staff should pay attention to observe, do more exchanges, accurately capture God’s intentions, in order to provide the appropriate commodity trading. According to the daily business experience, I focus on the customer is divided into stages of critical, specific, critical, critical and emotional picky.

stage critical. Caused by external factors, the impact of a wide range of society, the harm to the public caused by the event of customer picky. Such as tonyred, melamine, food additives and other harmful plasticizer exposure, at a certain stage will cause great shock on a group, resulting in this part of customers will be more picky in the purchase of goods. Treat this kind of customer, we have to aim at its doubt psychology, eliminate the worry in time. We have just received the food safety inspection department, and now do not have such goods, and follow up to recommend the associated alternatives to achieve sales.

specificity. A customer who has a particular reason for his own. For example, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure and other sick customers, they are in health considerations, due to illness constraints, only in shopping, especially when you have to eat food scruples. As long as we do "an antidote against the disease", to avoid the taboo can help the customer to choose the appropriate goods. There is also a situation, such as ethnic minorities fasting. Once encountered a customer to buy milk, I was recommended mengniu. The other apology smiled: "can not Mengniu, Yili what the milk will do. I am a Uighur, the name of the cattle also can not, ha ha."

picky. This is the general sense of critical, worthy of the picky people. Blame little variety of choice, blame the bad light can not see clearly, blame the service is not in place for her respect and so on. We really need to consider some improvement, but only some aspects have politely explain; nagging, some want to discount; in general this type of customer purchase with sincerity. As long as we grasp the scale, patient reception will be able to facilitate transactions. "Picky customers are the real buyers." A generation of wizards, hongdingshangren Hu Xueyan it came to the point.

emotional criticism. As the name suggests, is caused by momentary mood swings. For example, stroppy lover, wronged little woman, was hit hard by the old man would occasionally become extremely emotional, pick won’t listen to reason.


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