Two sales focus on customer service

saw two will be coming, the major stores again ushered in a hot sales time. However, want to let the business booming business, but also need people to do more preparation work, get more customer recognition. In the two sales process, I think the service is the eternal theme of retail customers. Nowadays, customers are increasingly demanding service. Through years of practice, I found that the more in the sales season, the service can not be ignored.

first, to stimulate the customer want to enter the shop desire. When customers come to the store, we greet customers in what way, so that customers have the desire to enter the store is very important. My approach is to use the "near" approach to draw customers, give him a sense of intimacy. Whenever there is a customer to find out the door, I was the first to use a smile in the eyes of the exchange with the customer, if you know, said: "Hello, come shopping!"

if a stranger said: "Hello, please come in and have a look!" Instead of asking customers what they want to buy. Because, some customers into the store before buying, did not determine what to buy, but want to see our products and then make a decision. This method is really effective, no matter what kind of customer, in my lead, the basic will be advanced to see, and then, in my guidance, and then implement the purchase plan.

second, to stimulate the customer want to shop passion. The customer into the store, there are a variety of situations, some customers into the store, because there is no clear purchase goal, let us come up with all kinds of goods and let him choose, then I will patiently and carefully to sell a variety of goods, whether to buy or not to buy, do not show any boredom, say kept saying: "you do not buy."

this unconditional service will let customers have unexpected satisfaction, they say, didn’t want to go shopping, but don’t feel sorry we are shopping service, feel shy, naturally shopping. For a specific purchase intention, I am always the service needs to do everything possible to meet, sometimes even to pour some tea, a cigarette, a piece of candy, send a pair of Xilian like, after my "sugar coated bullet" action, they are generally no longer choose to go to the next shop than quality the price, and will increase the number of purchase decision making.

is now a very large number of shops, almost every street has several retail stores, and the operation of goods are similar, if there is no certain characteristics, no doubt can not attract consumers. It is because of this business status, quality service will often become an important means to enhance the competitiveness of shops. Therefore, if you want to make a big profit during the two sessions, you also need to do a good job of service oh.


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