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Telecom station across the board approach where can reasoning

starts at 7 a.m. on the morning of April 1, and the easy to travel and Travel outlets are not open in some areas of the. For the first time, received a notification, the domain name is not on the list of telecommunications, the company needs to provide detailed information and record information. After half a day, the network has been restored. This is in less than a month for the two time the case, the loss of business also don’t tell, can only swallow their teeth.

what’s going on? Why some areas not open? Because in some areas, the 80 port of our server was closed! The reservation is Yi did not comply with the rules? No! The record in 05 years ago is ready! Don’t say ICP, we have ICP that is why! Letter? Because Dongguan Telecom to check whether the vulgar information "on the grounds that the hows and whys of a matter multiple IP segments, across the board, there is no illegal information are all blocked! Not complain, also do not understand how our Internet managers why must use this method to deal with the problem. The problem, we call a service call to consult, or no answer, or say to notify the other leaders! Special treatment, but the network said too many people who request, processing is not over, was closed with thousands of machines, you have to wait for


carrying the fight against mobile Internet pornography, the banner, the Ministry of SY once again trampled on the dignity of network practitioners. This sentence is seen by the leadership, may be uncomfortable, but the fact is that. Before the Green Dam incident, the Ministry was a head of public opinion at the idea that green dam, a few support of public opinion is also considered to be public opinion; the final result is the Green Dam settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Through this incident, the Ministry suddenly found that the public is not good, but now it seems that T did not want to go deeper.

from the beginning of 2010 January, so the CN domain name will provide the company’s documents to prove otherwise! All stop parsing! The first two years of CNNIC to promote the CN domain name, with 1 yuan price (opened up 40 renewals is selling) CN domain name, even if it is a dog, you can also come to a Wangcai.Cn, does not require the audit data finally, to achieve a performance goal, is the world’s largest country China domain name domain name registrations. Now? CN not all individuals! Must be a company or other legal institutions! If your personal cn is to effectively, so only the transfer! And the domain name transfer has long been the domain name registrar fees, ranging from 100 yuan to more than a few thousand yuan.

so under remediation, a large number of outstanding personal sites disappear, many web hosting service providers are actively preparing for the flight (the server moved abroad), each network access providers are not easy headache. Domestic domain name can not be registered, we have chosen.Com. Chinese money away to such people, maybe others still smile.

webmaster network, I am not complaining, not complaining. Check Huang, check vulgar, we are very supportive. We only hope that the telecommunications sector, with a reasonable way to inventory, respect for the results of our work. One off thousands


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