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Webmaster daily broadcast Youku potatoes account Dangdang Dangdang into the field of alcohol

1, Youku potatoes integration start: today account interconnection

Sohu IT news, Youku and Tudou from today to achieve account connection, both users can use one of the site account login two sites, which is seen as the beginning of the integration of the two sides. It is reported that the user can establish the account of the two sites to connect, from today, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, users can use the account login Youku, Youku users can also use Youku account landing tudou. Youku and Tudou announced on March 12th the official merger, data show that after the merger of both users coverage of nearly 80%.

2, YAHOO will close or integrate its 50 sub site

announced earlier this week that it plans to lay off about 2000 employees, YAHOO confirmed today that it will close or consolidate its approximately 50 sub sites. CEO Scott Thompson is not specified or close integration of the site name, but the outside world can be sure, Scott Thompson plans to focus on the most popular and most attractive advertising website, including news, finance, sports and YAHOO mail platform. Those who do not make significant contributions to the sub site will be cut or merged with existing sub sites.

3, dangdang.com into the liquor field by brewmaster network exclusive supply operation

technology Tencent April 19th news, this afternoon, wine B2C brewmaster network reached a strategic cooperation with dangdang.com, brewmaster network officially settled dangdang.com, exclusive dangdang.com liquor channel. This also means that the category of Dangdang to expand the field of liquor. Previously, dangdang.com worked with Gome, Le Amoy, dream bazaar, vip.com in home appliances, clothing, sports fields reached a similar cooperation. It is understood that the cooperation between the two sides, dangdang.com liquor price will be consistent with the brewmaster network price, logistics and warehousing services responsible for customer service by brewmaster network.

4, "I guess you draw" was acquired by Zynga after the devaluation of the new version of

technology NetEase on April 19th news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reported, "I guess you draw" today launched a new version of the new function, let game player with friends while playing while chatting, painting will be saved to the mobile phone or tablet computer, can also direct painting share to Facebook or Twitter. The new version of "you draw me guess" can now be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play app store. Zynga recently spent more than $180 million acquisition of "you draw me guess" and its developer OMGPOP. Over the past few weeks, you draw me guess the number of players fell, Zynga hopes to restore the growth of the game through new social features.

5, Jingdong mall accident package and Wo Wo Group

negotiate business group purchase

Sina Technology on April 19th morning news, according to sources, Jingdong mall intends to buy it >


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