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Figure Wang advertising alliance is threatening to reduce personal website survival


domestic well-known webmaster, Admin5 Adsense network founder Zhang

news May 17th, well-known webmaster, Admin5 webmaster network founder Zhang Zhengjun (net graph king) to the Tencent said yesterday, 2009 is an important turning point of China personal website, this year many webmaster suffered from advertising alliance and copyright pressure double play out pressure. Traditional entertainment, download sites difficult to survive, e-commerce, local portals, as well as industry information website is gradually becoming mainstream.

Zhang Zhengjun believes that the previous personal website in order to bias the content and flow based advertising alliance revenue as the main revenue. However, with the advent of the economic crisis and the reduction of advertisers, advertising alliance is gradually fading out, which to some extent affect the survival of the personal website.

, but he also said that the reduction in advertising alliance also created opportunities for the site to find a new profit model. At present, many websites rely on e-commerce and services to get new vitality. "From the recent hot spots can be seen, the traditional download, music, entertainment site has been difficult to operate, and e-commerce, local portals and other personal sites are gradually becoming mainstream."

Zhang Zhengjun said he was optimistic about the popular website is mainly divided into four categories: the first is the electronic commerce website and traditional combination, such as a shopping mall selling souvenirs, can be combined with the Internet to do a sales website and online shop; second is the type of service website, line service can be combined with the Internet, the website needs to a lot of manpower, but the user stickiness is relatively large, the user is more professional;

third is a breakdown of the industry type website, this website competition is not intense, webmaster can use their own good knowledge and skills in a leading position, the network quickly occupied the industry; fourth is the local portal and market website, with manufacturers around the understanding on the Internet, they are also increasing. Advertising, which greatly stimulated the development of local website.

Zhang Zhengjun optimistic about the future of the personal website. He believes that, despite the difficulties encountered in the development of personal web site, but as long as adhere to and maintain rational, personal website will be more and more attracted the attention of VC and users, but also bound to affect the entire internet. At present, there are already a lot of personal websites have become the leader of all regions and industries.

Zhang Zhengjun also revealed to the Tencent science and technology, said he had done dozens or even hundreds of websites, but then gradually abandoned, currently only focus on a Admin5 site. Because he feels that he has found a career that he loves most and is ready to do for a long time, he can find the full impetus from the start of the day.

It is reported that

, chapter Zhengjun founded the Admin5 station network to provide webmaster information and services, the development of several years, already has more than and 10 professional editor, can provide a large number of network > every day


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