Robin Li, open your arms to Chen Tong!

Chen Tong is leaving Sina, where sina is going to last? Tea and a Sina’s sister, we talked about their programs, always feel Sina powerful influence, as the largest Internet media Chinese Sina future is what? Whether the advertising content + success to

tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

Chen Tong is one of sina’s largest, but also the content of advertising + mode creator, as vice president of sina’s vs editor, Chen Tong would have agreed that it is the spiritual leader of sina. Until today, Sina advantage compared to its rival Sohu, NetEase is also in the content, the Sina brand and content ability is the largest capital, now content leader Chen Tong’s imminent departure, Sina can keep the advantage in the content on


where is Chen Tong going to Baidu?!

Robin Li is in urgent need of a portal, content of the big boss, as long as Chen Tong intentionally, Robin Li will take the elevator from the ideal international office to pick up Chen Tong, then a left ideal International Building, Baidu building. Chen Tong to Baidu is a good choice, not only lose their identity, but also do not lose the future, but the broader space, more challenging and imaginative.

is said to have the idea of Baidu’s acquisition of sina, the last time a friend and an investment bank also talked about these, Baidu needs a growth point, an imagination space. Baidu has the potential to invest in the industry has not yet found a number of projects, has not yet decided in Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu who choose to invest in. Chen Tong joined Baidu, Baidu will have to strengthen the content in a very short period of time, and Chen Tong with a few go getters is very normal things.

Cao Guowei is an occupation managers to consider their own return, Chen Tong think is the future of sina, Sina and the possible relationship between the Sina decided the fate of the future of the future, Chen Tong is gone, is a microcosm of a bygone era of



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