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Deep secret the status quo of globalization of Alibaba

Abstract: from the above five sections of business, logistics, finance, data calculation, UC globalization, Alibaba group "cross-border", to focus China consumers as the foundation, to explore and expand overseas, this may be the 1 stage of globalization of Alibaba. Somewhat similar to the Fosun Group "momentum with global resources Chinese strategy.

from the NYSE bell that moment, the globalization strategy of Alibaba group began to significantly speed. And this year, the layout of the company to further accelerate the pace of overseas.

Ma has said he is eager to set up a company founded by the Chinese, but belongs to the world. This year, we have seen almost all of Alibaba’s core business, including electricity providers, finance, logistics, cloud computing, entertainment and other sectors, are trying to move faster towards the international:

Alibaba electricity supplier business to achieve the global buy, the world to sell;

ant payment service in overseas payment and financial companies continue to overweight;

rookie network and global postal and logistics suppliers docking, build a global logistics service network;

Ali cloud continues to open up new overseas battlefield;

UC chose to seize the space in emerging markets.


in the presumably level, we see globalization plays a significant role in the Alibaba is on the one hand, looking for a new growth point in the world, with the core business domestic slowdown bottleneck; on the other hand to integrate global resources, talent, technology, enhance its global combat capability with global thinking. (Alibaba to recruit two former Goldman executives, served as president of Alibaba and the ant Gold Service Vice President, responsible for global business investment, and augmented reality company Magic Leap, Singapore mobile security and encryption technology company V-Key Corporation).

but we pay more attention to the deeper issues, such as Alibaba, electricity providers and cloud computing and how overseas giants fight? Valuation jumped ant gold dress tentacles which parts of the world? How to improve the ability of cross-border logistics network rookie? Alibaba cultural entertainment sector globalization and what new action


in order to understand these, Penguin wisdom cool · Global Venture Capital Research Institute (IGV) released the Alibaba globalization strategy analysis report, as the wisdom of cool BAT globalization research series final.

Alibaba electricity supplier globalization 1.0

sold the global brand to Chinese consumers and sold it to Asian customers in China

I usually use Lazada online shopping, but bought a mobile phone on AliExpress, affordable." This is the Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, a number of students in an interview with IGV to share. In emerging markets, China’s low-cost manufacturing is still the advantage of Alibaba go out.



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