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How to develop e-commerce after Baidu’s big update

as everyone knows, Baidu this year to clean up the garbage content of a large, some time ago to just 6.22, 6.28 two big update, many webmaster August 23rd Baidu once again were still suffering from the shock, big update. There are many Webmaster Station was killed by Baidu, which is the number of medical stations. According to Baidu Webmaster Platform said, this algorithm is to upgrade still cheat AdSense and low quality content sites for processing, then we will each to some Baidu Webmaster Platform explain about the big update.

1, random collection of content, statements impassability, the reader can not get the information needed.

we can take a closer look at the screenshot above the station platform. The inside of the screenshot is a mess of the insertion of a number of keywords, a great impact on the reader’s normal reading. Some people may ask, my article is not so inserted ah, but also the original, but still be K off. On this issue, in fact, very good explanation, and now many people in order to do optimization, will insert an anchor text in the article, and points to the home page. There is one people is deliberately the key words in the article appear in bold. These operations are in fact the performance of excessive optimization, in line with the statement impassability, so these content will be judged as junk content, Baidu is processed.

2, although readable content, but most of the articles are collected, copied from other sites, the original content itself.

collection, replication will create content duplication is too high, there may be a half will be included, there will be ranking. But once the Baidu algorithm updates, it will be judged as spam sites, resulting in K station. Baidu is how to judge whether the content is our original content? Baidu apps to grab the article, will break up into a pile of refined content, keywords, and then compare the keywords according to the degree of repetition to determine whether the original article. If it is collected, copied, not processed content, then, it is easy to judge Baidu. However, there are many websites, especially business sites have love to release some industry news, with first points and second points of view, this is the Baidu K off if it is normal, because the content is that users do not need the content, but hardly do original, don’t enterprise make a SEO, but also invites a reporter team. The whole day to interview the industry association, or to interview together? This is almost impossible.

3, web page interspersed with accumulation of keywords or articles and themes are not related, in an attempt to deceive the search engine, search keywords related to the user does not really help.

on this point should not be difficult to understand. There are a lot of websites, especially enterprise websites, medical websites, like to write a "key words" at the bottom of the site, and then pile up a lot of keywords. There is like Baidu notice written in the post, when the text was written medical class content, but in the aspects of the content of the game is inserted. Baidu will think that the article is not related to the theme >


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