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nternet recruitment vertical pull hook network for $5 million A round of financing to build a fast


Internet recruitment vertical pull hook net yesterday announced $5 million A round of financing, the investor is Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund, currently has total funds to the account. The network was first established, Xu Xiaoping had won millions of dollars in angel investment Li Qing et al., and obtained A round of financing from the product line to the network, only 8 months.

CEO Ma Delong introduced the network, the use of pull hook recruitment network for Internet Co has more than 5000 companies, including Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other enterprises. As of now, pull hook were released more than 52000 internet jobs generated resume delivery 600 thousand people.

in the business model, the network each contribute to a successful candidate to the enterprise users, charge 500 yuan, 2000 yuan Commission, if the applicant jobs is particularly high, according to the proportion of salary received. This is also the most commonly used in the recruitment industry, corporate users can accept the most acceptable model.

According to NetEase

technology, the founding team retractors network of only six people, four of them are CEO Ma Delong, co-founder of CTO, Bao Xu just Ella and Xu guangyun. Has now developed to the size of 30 people.

it is understood, so pull hook net can attract a large number of users to the vertical field, its core Nirvana that fast recruitment, the precise matching principle and immediate feedback mechanism.

will pull the hook "to consider the needs of users with Internet products thinking." Ma Delong said, at present China Internet at least 3 million practitioners in the field of Internet recruitment vertical scale of the future will be a more than 5 billion of the market, and recruitment in the field of Internet products in the past 10 years, from 51job, Zhaopin to now emerging small sites, almost no breakthrough. The network in a fully Internet from the founding team hands "is playing a completely different product logic and play".

user resume delivery in the pull hook, whether to get an interview, will receive from HR’s already view resumes, interview invitation, I’m sorry you have been denied several WeChat feedback notice.

in addition, pull hook restricted net positions "100% straight", it must be the business side job information directly through the corporate domain mail verification, the headhunter, non enterprise, completely excluded, no hair hunting job situation cheat resume. Secondly, all the jobs in the pull hook up to the Internet can only survive for 60 days, are generally displayed within a week of the most fresh corporate job information. Third, pull hook restricted net users of mass delivery behavior, each user can select up to 10 companies a day delivery. Fourth, the network job requirements information must be clear and must be listed as salary range listed in the post temptation to demonstrate the characteristics of the enterprises, listed company’s products, CEO and other information.

online recruitment has just begun, not fine


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