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Webmaster nets daily broadcast Facebook measurement of new technology companies push Web standard

1, Facebook hand in hand, retailers want to test the button

Beijing time on October 9th morning news, Facebook is testing a feature that allows users to create a social network "wish list" (wishlists), used Home Furnishing, clothing and other retail products, the company is expected to eventually enter the field of electronic commerce foundation.

Facebook said that the company is working with 7 retailers to test this new feature: simply click on the "want" (want) button, you can mark the desired product image. "People want to interact with these collections and share with friends what they are interested in. People can go in and buy these products." Facebook said in a statement.

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2 Google, apple and other 9 companies joined the W3C push Web standard

according to foreign media reports, including Microsoft, Google (micro-blog), apple, Adobe, Facebook, HP, NOKIA, Mozilla, Opera and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a leading provider of browser and technology companies, the day before the launch of a project called WebPlatform.org "network platform project document. The goal of this project is to create a brand new, authoritative open web standard document web site."

Opera said that the launch of this website is similar to Wikipedia, wants to ensure that developers in the use of cyber source can easily find "all about HTML5, CSS4 and other Web standards and other related resources, accurate quality information."

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3, New Zealand baby milk powder purchase part of the electricity supplier will benefit from the

New Zealand infant milk powder stop purchasing industry interest division, agents into the main beneficiary, Amazon, Jingdong, T MA LL overweight force of imported dairy business.

the territory of New Zealand is only 268 thousand square kilometers of small countries, many parents of China’s "ideal country", because it exports to China every year through various means of infant formula milk powder. However, this "Utopia" also began to tighten the export, in September 28th, the New Zealand Department of primary industries (Min istry forP In Du strie s>) rimary


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