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Google Chrome browser supports no trace privacy policy

February 26th news, according to foreign media reports, recently, Google announced support for Do Not Track (not tracking) privacy policy, and plans to be implemented before the end of the Chrome web browser.

"Do Not Track" policy by the White House and the Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission) and the digital advertising alliance (Digital Advertising Alliance) announced the implementation of the policy, allowing users in the apple Safari and Microsoft IE Mozilla, Firefox browser add "Do Not Track" function, prevent website user tracking.

last year, Mozilla Firefox in the first DNT privacy features introduced in 4, by modifying the communication between browser and server, DNT function allows users to send a signal, avoid their browsing behavior by tracking. Followed by Microsoft and Apple will also be introduced into the function of IE9 and Safari 5.1.

although the addition of DNT features will make Google’s online advertising revenue frustrated, this week, Google announced that it will also keep up with action. Google did not disclose the details of the implementation of the function, the industry believes that Google will add a check box allows users to activate DNT function.

Google said, Google Chrome browser DNT function will not stop cookies.


advertising business senior vice president Susan · Wasitz (Susan Wojcicki) said, "any browser users personalized experience may lead to personal data tracking. The user browsing history will still be tracked to analyze the Internet habits, in order to send in line with the user’s interest in advertising. "Do Not Track" policy does not solve all of the privacy issues on the web site, but is still an important step forward, Google expects to implement."


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