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The beauty of figure three and a half years over 1 billion 100 million loss break into change normal

Chinese financial network January 23rd news (reporter Liu Xiaofei Dan Zhengyu) as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Shenzhen Hong Kong through opening after the largest IPO, Mito company has attracted much attention since listing. Data show that in December 15, 2016 listed the MiTo company after 7 trading days gains 6 big line, the stock is down 12.53%. Although after a slight rebound, but as of January 18th closing price is still below the issue price, there are investors issued a pit father sigh.

as a result of the United States and the stock price stumble endlessly reasons, the industry generally believe that the company’s dismal fundamentals. Prospectus shows that since its inception in 2008, the cumulative loss of more than 1 billion 100 million yuan. Have to say, how to turn losses has become the most important issue in front of the u.s..

listed a month basically at the "break"

in December 15, 2016, the United States and the Hongkong stock exchange officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the second largest Internet Co after the Shanghai Stock exchange. Although listed on the same day the bell ceremony Mito invited a number of artists and the financial community a lot of support, but did not stop the stock break.

On the first day of

, Mito company at a price of HK $8.78 opening, but after the opening hours will be below the issue price, the afternoon stock volatility, and finally to the issue price at. The next day, the company rebounded slightly 0.59%, then fell into the channel, and in December 23rd fell to HK $7.46, the stock market hit a new low since. "Dip" after the MiTo company’s share price then rebounded, as of Friday’s close, the highest price of HK $8.86, compared to less than HK $0.4 issue. China net financial reporter noted, Mito company January 18, 2017 closing price is still below the issue price, that is to say the stock market is basically in a state of "break".

three and a half loss of over 1 billion 100 million investors, said the share price fell expected

and Mito company suffered in the market of the two "horror" is different, with its roots in the Gigabit A stock market to play fast". According to wind statistics, Gigabit listed since January 4th, in just 13 trading in the harvest of the 12 trading board, interval cumulative increase of 183.8%, the highest price from 77.76 yuan / share soared to 221.8 yuan / share.

data show that the company is headquartered in the United States and Jibit in Xiamen, the main business description has a mobile game, the key is that the two companies have a common investor – IDG capital partners.

if the MiTo company and the Gigabit biggest difference, it should be the company’s fundamentals. Data show that in 2013 and -2015 in the first half of 2013, the loss of 25 million 813 thousand yuan, respectively, $1 billion 772 million, $2 billion 217 million and $2 billion 190 million, excluding the fair value loss of convertible redeemable preferred stock, three and a half years


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