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The company has been accused of pyramid schemes announced financing 2 billion 500 million valuation

[Abstract] lending treasure and its affiliates, Jiuding Group Chairman Wu Gang, accused of alleged irregularities, pyramid, mafia etc..


technology news (Wang Pan) January 25th news, production and operation "borrow treasure platform for all Polytron Technologies Inc announced today in Beijing has signed the contract to complete the two round of financing, financing amounting to 2 billion 500 million yuan. However, Tencent technology has not confirmed its financing.

lending treasure, said the round of financing by a large joint-stock commercial banks led investment, and there are a number of institutional investors and individual investors to participate in some of the first round of investors continue to vote. Compared with the first round of 2 billion yuan financing in August 2015, the loan treasure in just five months to complete a larger scale of the second round of financing. The valuation of the current round of financing loans treasure more than 50 billion yuan, more than doubled the valuation of the first round of financing. The list of specific investors is not open, the current round of capital increase agreement has been signed, the increase in the industrial and commercial registration process is still in the process of change, over a period of time can be found through the industrial and commercial registration authority.

lending Bao said, investors are optimistic about the company, the first is due to the loan treasure located in acquaintances lending, by connecting mechanism of people of the Internet, let acquaintances direct trading, so as to effectively reduce or even eliminate the information asymmetry, and acquaintances reputation constraint and credit punishment mechanism can effectively reduce the risk of default, so compared with the traditional credit model, have acquaintances lending cost advantage and efficiency advantages, has great commercial value. Secondly, borrow treasure had a year of operation, the internal operation system has been more mature, the product function of arbitrary perfect, and users have been larger, that according to the third party channel data, which has more than 100 million registered users who download.

it is reported that in 2016 the company will also launch a loan treasure version, through the depth of the platform to connect the enterprise loans, individuals and banks.

had MLM MLM accused

in January 12th this year, lending treasure also suffered netizen "Beijing nine uncle" by micro-blog, WeChat, media interviews, public reporting, "Beijing nine uncle said" borrowing treasure and its affiliates, Jiuding Group Chairman Wu Gang suspected of a number of illegal pyramid selling, etc., involving the related black, and claims to have reported Jiuding Group Chairman Wu Gang nine violations to the commission.

January 20th, production and operating company lending treasure everyone technology announced that the company has 19 officially to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch of the Olympic village police station submitted "charges and the relevant evidence", accused the whistleblower Zhang Xuguang (the name "Beijing nine uncle").

in addition, lending treasure related company Jiuding Group Chairman Wu Gang 20 days this month has been to the city of Beijing, Chaoyang District people’s court formally submitted a "criminal incidental civil complaint from criminal responsibility", request the court held "Beijing nine uncle" suspected of libel, and the corresponding civil liability.

lending treasure said, Beijing nine uncle malicious fabricated and spread false facts, slander >


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