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nternet thinking is to establish the rules of the game

write Internet thinking is the need for some courage. The word was countless people, countless articles written in the last year, including Lei, Zhou Hongyi such a big figure, a time fame. But by the end of the year, the word seems to be into the eighteen floor of hell, became a "fudge" synonymous. So, no matter what I write, will be half of the people call.

to tell you the truth, just started when I heard of the Internet thinking, I really don’t get. What focus, extreme, reputation, what the user experience, fast, free and fast iteration, which are on, but why is the thinking of the Internet? Is the Internet era before these is not important? For those who say that the Internet thinking is a big flicker, the world is not what the Internet thinking article. I think it is in the limelight and deliberately naysayers, advise everyone for this kind of article do not seriously.

. So far, cut to the chase. First, I think the Internet must be the existence of thinking, and has been used by many companies and achieved success. Second, the Internet thinking is not new, it inherits with the system thinking, just because of the age of the Internet, a large number of Internet Co to use this kind of thinking has achieved commercial success, so a new name "Internet thinking". Third, Internet Co does not necessarily have Internet thinking, non Internet Co is not necessarily no Internet thinking, which has nothing to do with the industry in which they are engaged, only related to the mode of thinking.

Avenue interlinked. Human civilization is more and more developed, more and more disciplines, the emergence of more and more theory, but many of the logic behind the theory is in fact common. Let’s look at some examples –

: Lao Tzu believes that the best inaction rule is inaction. The emperor ordered more, less free national strength, the less prosperous. And the emperor to do less, to the people to freedom, the more developed the economy, the stronger the national strength.

: market economy market economy is essentially the relationship between supply and demand by the "invisible hand" to the allocation of social resources is a kind of economy, it doesn’t need an omniscient and omnipotent central government to allocate resources, but many rational people from their own interests to take action will finally make the most efficient allocation of resources.

control theory: Kevin · Kelly put forward the famous "out of control" theory, he proved the existence of the phenomenon of out of control by computer science, biology, evolution, robotics, astronomy and other fields for example.

what is the common logic behind these theories?. I searched the Internet for a while, the definition of the system of thinking did not make me satisfied, I still can use my words to explain to you. What is the system we have learned in the middle school biology textbooks, a forest is an ecosystem, rabbits eat grass, fox eat rabbits, fox died into humus absorbed by grass, which is a system. >


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