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P2P industry or inflection point the number of new platforms in June the number of issues platform

2015 has quietly past half, after two years of rapid growth in the P2P net loan industry in mid 2015 showed a new feature in June. Under the dual accumulation of time and business, the number of monthly problem platform for the first time more than the number of new platforms.

data show that the same as in 2015 of June, the number of new issue platform to accelerate to 92, compared to the previous year, an increase of up to 67% in May. At the same time, the number of problem platform is more than the number of new platforms up to 11.

any data behind the changes have reason to follow, do not rule out this is the first sign of the industry inflection point." A P2P industry veteran on the first Financial Daily reporters said.

, another industry source said, on the one hand, from the industry’s cumulative risk, the old platform has been given a certain degree of trust, has 2~3 years of industry management experience slowly began to expose the risks, platform is no longer new patent platform. On the other hand, has been recognized by the venture capital investors in the operation of the platform under the pressure of the times have changed the cracks".

first access to financing problems

zero one financial data report, launched in May 2013 to help loan said the stock market and regional and other factors, the online business dragged down the company’s restructuring, liquidation gradually since June 12th this year released no longer borrowing targets, and complete transformation. At this point, the distance from the platform on-line for 2 years.

this, zero one financial, a researcher said that the loan can help have completed A round of financing, which is the first to obtain financing platform problems.

June 2015, P2P net loan industry nationwide new on-line platform for 81, following the Spring Festival in 2015, after the impact of the holiday effect, once again lower. Previously, the monthly number of new platforms are more than 100.

data show that as of June 30, 2015, the platform reached a total of 2796 (including only on the cable business platform), which has a normal operation of 2021. Affected by a variety of reasons, the growth rate of the platform has been slowing trend.

in addition, there have been problems in the platform for further observation platform case can be found, the new characteristics of the two is referred to as the "industry phenomenon" has been highlighted, one hand has been in the industry to two to three years, was seen to be "experience" platform gradually exposed the problem. On the other hand, as for loan, financing platform has come under the "altar" market by the wind and rain test.

launched in August 8, 2013 Meiguan letter was due to poor management, limiting withdrawals, and announced in June 15, 2015, said the person in charge of the platform by Zhou Qi’s father took over, the group company contracted debts, and suspend the release of standard loan on the same day, only 800 thousand turnover target platform. "After the announcement to be deleted, and in June 20th the normal standard." A P2P industry person


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