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Talk about Marketing on the road three bridge

the rapid development of the Internet people is obvious to people, the spirit of the Internet is a group of 90 broad road to walk the trail, then we have no success in marketing is not lost to 90, but lost to the trend of the Internet for marketing, such as two words, this is not just through a dating software or a chat the tool can be made in the way of marketing, marketing is not a lot, but also a lot of my experience, analysis of the three main marketing way we need to break the threshold.



test platform

when you take a iPhone6 on the roadside asking passers-by when you need, do you think you have lost to the iPhone6 store, this is the store’s advantage, stores have a luxurious decoration store platform, but you can ask around strangers.

then on the Internet is the same, if you have a Taobao, Alibaba or their own independent shop, so relative to you with QQ or WeChat asked whether others need your products much better.

Now the

platform threshold has been several large companies to a minimum, so it seems a hurdle trouble is also very simple, but as more and more businesses of the Internet, the competition is relatively large, so the threshold is low and to get a good platform is very difficult, for example, Tmall, Jingdong Taobao crown, Golden Delicious pat.

business competition makes us a place to live in in Taobao, Alibaba and other platforms, followed by our own brand products and authoritative third party platform is not independent of the platform is safe and reliable in the third party platform sales way. So if the conditions allow us to invest heavily in Jingdong, Tmall is not as good as an independent mall, do a good job of independent mall SEO optimization, the same is to create a brand of cattle.

The two hurdle:


today I say is why users instead of customers, because the customer is a prerequisite for users, users can only have a customer, so we do not exclude the customer, even if someone is to inquiry or investigation to peer. Users of this threshold is that we are very concerned about, but also the biggest threshold, in the case of access to more users, I mainly divided into two categories.

users find us

wants users to take the initiative to find us, then we will have to be famous on the Internet, a common means of SEO optimization, chain promotion, advertising and other ways, but this way is not the best, as a former boss and I said, no site you numb the dry cargo, SEO ranking what indeed, a website with? There is no reason to retain users, even do the top advertising or do well, it will probably sell very poor.

we look for user

this is a lot of companies can not


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