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November portal daily coverage of TOP10 CCTV network rose to sixth

IDC network (idcps.com) on December 10th reported: according to the latest data from the international statistical agencies Alexa released in November, covering dozens of portal daily list, most notably, cctv.com daily coverage number soared to 10078.3, rose 81.64%, ranking rose to sixth, instead of the Xinhua net. Below, please look at the data review and analysis of IDC.


(Figure 1) in November the average daily user coverage of the portal TOP10

Figure 1 shows the

, in November, the portal covering daily users of dozens of ranking, compared with the previous month, changed: cctv.com transcend, replace xinhuanet.com to sixth to cover the number 10078.3, last month the number of daily coverage of 5548.5, up 81.64%; while xinhuanet.com glide, ranked seventh. No change in the remaining rankings. Among them, Tencent net column first, covering the number reached 74610.6, a huge advantage.

next, IDC comments network will focus on analysis of the daily details of the number of users in November Tencent network coverage.


(Figure 2) Tencent November daily user coverage statistics

according to figure 2, we can see that in November, the daily change in the number of users of the Tencent network curve fell first and then increased, the overall slight decline. Figure 2 can be seen: in the period of 1 to 10, covering the number of curves down, the overall ups and downs, there is a maximum of this month, the maximum value of 75578 and minimum of 74380. Among them, the maximum value of a total of 6 days, first from 1 to 4 consecutive days, followed by the emergence of the 7 and the 9 day. The minimum value appears in 6 days. From 11 onwards, the curve rose, the number of coverage gradually rose until the 30 day rose to 75360, draw a full stop for this month.


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