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CNNC intends to amend the regulations officially open to individuals CN domain name registration

January 18th morning news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) according to the authorities, on the drafting of personal domain name registration open plan, and advance to the "domain name registration rules" relevant provisions were revised. Once the new policies and regulations to be implemented, which means that the CN domain name for the first time officially allow individuals to apply for registration.

CNNIC intends to open an individual registered CN domain name

once tightened personal CN domain name management policy, is expected to make adjustments in the near future. According to assistant director CNNIC Qi Lin Sina Technology revealed that CNNIC has been based on the requirements of the competent authorities to study the drafting of the individual registration domain name open program. At present, CNNIC is actively communicating with the competent authorities, hoping to amend the provisions of the relevant provisions as soon as possible.

from the beginning of 2002, "China CNNIC domain name registration rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation rules" provisions), CN domain name applicants should be registered according to law and be able to independently bear civil liability organization". Although previously individuals can apply for the registration of CN domain name, but in fact has not been officially recognized.

Qi Lin said in talking about the adjustment, according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of the person can set up a website and for the record, "then the corresponding domain name and website, should also allow individuals to apply for".

last December 11th, CNNIC issued on Further Strengthening the domain name registration information audit notice. This announcement has also been interpreted as CNNIC stop the application for the registration of domain names CN. After that there was even a rumor that individuals can not be registered as a domain name, domain name will be suspended due to expire".

has indicated that prohibit individuals registered CN domain name, will lead to individual users to choose the foreign registration, or fraudulent use of the name of the company was forced to fill in false information.

"as soon as possible to allow individual users registered CN domain name, the user and website at home, not rushed to go abroad," Qi Lin pointed out that "if indiscriminate forced to delete or suspend the analysis of personal domain name registration, not only not conducive to the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of customers, to carry out the work and is not conducive to Internet governance the real name system work".

personal CN domain name has been held in advance deregulation

on Friday, CNNIC issued a notice on the registration of the domain name information has been done to check the work, which provides a brief list of personal domain name holders in the verification work should be submitted to prove the information. However, it is just a word of the request, the release of the CNNIC is relaxed personal domain name registration information.

according to the above policy adjustment, Qi Lin in an Sina Technology connection said, "for the registration information is true, accurate, complete and proper use of the CN domain, the protection of legitimate rights and interests, including personal domain name registration". In other words, a legitimate individual user will be able to continue to hold the CN domain >


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