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WeChat to read… A Book… However, Shuabing still too hard

Abstract: WeChat reading officially released yesterday, the first time to experience the titanium media reporter looks very beautiful products. WeChat read incoming is not "wolf", also does not lead the industry reshuffle, but is a born with a golden spoon "two rich generation" game player only, although no possessions inherited strong horse, but still have to maintain business basics from the start of the not vague.

now time is August 27th at 23:29 pm on the first day of school, in the WeChat ranking, I with 17 minutes of reading time in 36 friends ranked sixth, ranked first in the distance 43 minutes only 26 minute gap, if all sprint, the summit is expected to. However, I was not the kind of rivalry with people in the WeChat sports list, in the way of wind power runaway.

36 friends, 15 bit long reading in less than 1 minutes, 7 reading more than 10 minutes long, only 3 more than half an hour — such a dismal, half digital abstention list really is no way to arouse in strenuously reading morale it. Then considering the publishing circle and the Internet circle of friends accounted for 2/3, WeChat books to imagine WeChat sports as a "national brush book" the tornado is afraid to dream into the air.

WeChat disclosed for the first time reading project article "why mobile Internet can not create a scholar’s circle of friends in more than two months ago?" (wall crack advice to review it again!!!), I have the WeChat chain introduced as to around reading people surfaced, recognize each other a "let the chance, reading and sports become friends packet label like that was almost micro business, purchasing, Hyun x destroyed friends to become rich and colorful, full of possibilities."

however, WeChat read the line on the first day I realized I was hit in the face. Whether it is social motivation (long reading competition), social networking (see found friends in to see what books), social discussions (this was like anger, there is no?), just looks beautiful, a fall to the actual nature of "natural and egg" exposed.


why long reading list is the first time, there is no point "explosion"


is very simple, brush brush longer than the threshold number of brush too much. As long as you are in the horizontal displacement, mobile phone, bracelet motion coprocessor will automatically record the number of steps you move, there is a sense of the value of the experience of the unconscious brush. The WeChat read every minute to stare at the page, once a small partner’s greeting, the star of the gossip, the application of the push to seduce out, read long stop immediately. People who do not love sports in the walk outside the two ring is not difficult, but not love reading people staring at the pages a minute is torture (shot please consciously raised). This is a direct filter out a number of brush list in order to read the vanity. And for me to read as long as the behavior of the "ghost" of the real people (cover face), only


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