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Are closed nternet product model selection manual notice

        following the "day" after the game is completed, seal a will launch the latest masterpiece "Internet Product Model Selection Handbook", by stationmaster net (serial starting).

      "Internet Product Model Selection Handbook" readers focus: investment of 50 thousand yuan to 1 million yuan owners or investors on the Internet, as in the manual operation network business will reference books. At the same time, the manual provides a reference for the grassroots business transformation, according to their own experience, expertise in the implementation of the transformation, in order to be able to provide professional services for these operators, investors.

        why is the Internet product model selection?

        Du Bao pointed out: every day a large number of businessmen and entrepreneurs on the network, the dream of pursuing the network, but also expect to profit from. But for a long time, the network business model is dazzling, most of the business model is only in long fatigue, unable to profit in the state. A large number of small operators and investors with a dream, because the selection is not clear, into the network scam with broken halberds defeat, that ended in defeat, or still trudged. The capital adequacy of the operators and investors, but also often failed to invest, countless funds are consumed in the fundamental useless link. The famous strategist, business thinking home station letter of this manual will solve this problem.

      why is the Internet product model selection?
      with 1 million of the following funds to operate the Internet, simply can not call it a business model, it is not appropriate to operate those lengthy and complicated business model, resulting in their deeper and deeper. Then, 1 million of the money should go to those new, simple, independent Internet products, detailed guidance in this manual on the issue, and the key link for the operators and investors, only the most clear, the most direct part, other do not, can not lose. This manual is by far the first and only a guide for small and medium network operators and investors to enter the network.

      for other small grassroots website site for
      the birth of product selection guide, also means the need for some professional services and matching, such as website architecture design services, SEO services, content and website to promote entry services, grassroots webmaster should rich experience and expertise, on their own have to keep pace with the times, the need to provide appropriate service for managers and investors, also get rid of some of their own development.