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Kun Peng Theory in the face of aggressive nternet barbarians how to meet the traditional enterprise

recently on Kun Peng often talked about traditional companies in the Internet, mobile Internet situation, how to be facing challenges, difficulties and other topics, today we talk about how to break the traditional business bureau, and there have been many traditional large enterprises have begun this operation.


first, how to deal with the new technology of traditional enterprise competition

two days before us "this year such as millet and unicorns are very sad and more than 80 will die" mentioned in the disruptive innovation, referred to the small company how to use technological innovation to beat the big companies, like Microsoft, Google, Baidu, Ali, Tencent, etc. How to change from small to big


is now in retrospect, many people may say that these traditional executives is too stupid, someone pointed to Lenovo Yang Yuanqing denounced him as incompetent as a few months ago. But objectively speaking, in fact, they are not stupid, for who basically will protect the existing important business and the attitude of the business of innovation, so that the great CEO is an opportunity to be met!

so, in order to adapt to the disruptive innovation in the Internet era, or in the future development of how to continue to thrive? How do the traditional company? Harvard Business School professor Christensen in his book "the innovator’s dilemma" gave out three suggestions:

1, the acquisition of a disruptive innovation of the new company

, however, after the acquisition to fully adapt to the business process and culture, even accommodate. Otherwise it will soon be assimilated to high-quality companies, and ultimately a sieve, which in fact is the worst.

2, the purchase of disruptive innovation technology, personally engage in

Kun Peng theory thinks that this is not a recommended choice, because of disruptive innovation the key lies in the operation of its team, have a wolf spirit, why disruptive innovation can succeed, the key is that it is struggling to survive, to seize every opportunity, racing to entrepreneurship, but the traditional large enterprises often difficult there is such a natural atmosphere, employees will melt in which is difficult to truly entrepreneurial team spirit.

3, a skunk works

this is one of the more respected Christensen, a called "skunk works independent subsidiary, specializes in disruptive innovation products, close to the new technology and new markets, and the company’s original business competition, survival of the fittest. GoogleX is an example of a completely independent company, the only goal is to pursue its parent company is unlikely to withstand the damage.


Kun Peng little knowledge

What is the skunk works

(Skunk Works) is a skunk Lockheed · advanced development project Martin’s official nickname. >


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