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Renren sell 56 networks only after the depression bloated


text / Ding Peng

famous football commentator Zhan Jun and Yan Qiang had set up a "catcher alliance", one of them was the Liverpool fans, one is the Arsenal fans, the two traditional teams have many years not get the title, but every year to attack the champion, so they kept watch".

China of the Internet industry, the alliance "was a There are plenty of people who, regardless of China, the richest man in the grand NetEase, or is known as the" second millennium "said the Sohu, they all belong to the rye, had their own glory, but now has been in the" keep watch ".


alliance in the list this year by virtue of the name of the Facebook should have Chinese name listed only when everyone, move into today, everyone may have even the alliance "such organizations have no place to go, because everyone has even" watch "the qualifications are all gone.

sell-off when

in the last year will be handed to Baidu glutinous rice, the company has not yet pulled the assets of the action has not stopped, the latest news is that everyone will sell its 56 Network in Sohu, the price is higher than the rumors of $12 million 900 thousand.

but I believe it will not be too much higher than the price of three years ago with the acquisition of $80 million, stocks of the master Chen Yizhou apparently made a huge loss of business.

at first, then a short video sharing service UUme crashed in 2011, everyone listed Wei coerced to gamble 56 nets, Chen Yizhou in 56 before the acquisition has admitted he has countless acquired many companies after the acquisition, will play a big.

56 is the master, then everyone’s idea is 56 using the UGC attribute and the social matrix through everyone.

Chen Yizhou said, "the Internet user communication on social networking sites and the share of the demand is no longer limited to text and pictures, more and more users to share their love of the original video, and through the original video to communicate with friends. The acquisition of the 56 network can help everyone more convenient on the social network through video recording and sharing their lives."

seems, indeed, but everyone is deeper in the hopes of using its huge traffic and user needs to make 56 Chinese into Youtube, after all, the user demand for video is really there, everyone who thinks a push, whose result should go up at once. And this is also consistent with the high profile of everyone claiming that he is Facebook Zynga Groupon Linkedin (ie Renren + game + glutinous rice + net) tonality.

however, a fact that can not be ignored is that although the 56 has received strong support from everyone, but in the content oriented video industry, >


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