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London Olympic social regulation of social media is too difficult

Tencent Francisco (loudly) in Beijing on August 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, as the first true sense of the social media games, London Olympic organizers found that want to control social media is very difficult. Because social media has become a more powerful phenomenon than the Olympic games. The following is the summary of the article:

the first Olympics of social media has become a minefield of Olympic Games on Twitter — even more so, this company has been advocating and the London Olympic Games are closely linked.

‘s move to the global Olympic event, the International Olympic Committee members have boasted of their social media capabilities, and with Twitter, Facebook, Google’s YouTube and other companies to establish a partnership. At the same time, Twitter is also involved in the Olympic events reported by Custer’s NBC global partnership.

but since last week’s five London Olympic Games, the Olympic Games has become a social media play the gangster. Up to now, the biggest criticism of the Twitter is still the issue of blocking a British correspondent account. Because the British newspaper "independent" Losangeles correspondent Gaye · Adams (Guy Adams) complained that in Twitter, the business partner of the U.S. National Broadcasting Company (NBC) the Olympic Games report expressed dissatisfaction, incurred by Twitter ban. It is precisely because of this, the blogosphere for Twitter and that the company limited the user’s freedom of speech. Twitter has apologized for this.

in addition, two athletes were pulled out by the publication of racist messages". There is also a lot of attention from the Twitter campaign, which is sponsored by an athlete who has been labeled as "we need to change". Also, a British teenage fans were arrested released a series of threat, including the two: he vowed to drown all British diver; he told a defeat in the game the player said "his performance to his dead father".

held on Tuesday in the London news conference, International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark · Adams (Mark Adams) said that the International Olympic Committee will not regret to encourage the use of social media during the Olympic Games, and it will be impossible to control social media.

for Twitter, the storm caused by the reporter Adams’s account is indeed a bit embarrassing. Adams’s account was blocked, because he released a Twitter message on Friday announced the NBC Olympics reported President Gary · Kerr (Gary Zenkel); once the e-mail address. Many Americans for National Broadcasting


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