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Hunan cracked a large pornographic website profit case

porn website "energy-saving" in home hit "365 days, 24 hours a day online advertising firm", a blatant challenge to the public security organs. However, the profit for the purpose of crime gangs, eventually stumble in the hands of the police in Hunan network. "Our forum on the Internet very fast, membership reached more than 180 thousand people." Hunan Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy inspector, supervisor and technical Corps captain Wang Changbin.

reporter in Loudi City Public Security Bureau learned that the suspect Zhang Minfeng, alias "Ding Wei", from the beginning of October 2006 for the purpose of making profits, set up a "energy-saving" website, in order to escape the public security agencies to fight, repeatedly using DNS technology in the springboard, put the server in the United States, the site staff all it is a single contact, the site does not save the log, and changing the domain name of the website, closure, on domestic hit has the obvious antagonism.


forum" opened "the color of the world", "the color of the Shadow Realm", "energy-saving" section, providing pornographic video files, pictures, stories, upload and download service links, just six months time, the development of registered members up to 184984 people. Moderators are members of voluntary application, the moderator is determined, have the right to update its management forum, Zhang Minfeng by QQ and the webmaster contact. To be arrested in June 23, 2007, the main suspect Zhang Minfeng a total of 40 thousand yuan of illegal profits through the website.

June 23, 2007 morning, the police arrested the main suspect Zhang Minfeng in Chenzhou; the next morning, the suspect arrested in Jishou, Ceng Xiaoming. At the same time, the other two suspects were also arrested in Jiangxi and Jiangsu respectively.

The reporter interviewed

detention center in Lengshuijiang learned that Zhang Minfeng was born in 1982, graduated from Hunan College of Information, majored in computer application, 2006 served as a director during the contact, reserve a large number of pornographic information in an Internet cafe in Chenzhou, which had started the idea of yellow website profit.

at present, "energy-saving" the main suspects have been transferred to the prosecution, the people’s court in Lengshuijiang city in January 15th hearing, will soon sentencing.


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