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TMD lost a lot! Cai Wensheng exposes young a lot of good domain name sale

renamed China (eName.cn) February 10th hearing, in February 6th 2014 will be renamed Chinese, domain name heavyweights, angel investor Cai Wensheng on eName developments over the past year have given a great deal of certainty, he will also take the initiative to share some "big loss" domain name investment experience, and in the best of spirits with you about 360.cn domain name anecdotes.


: 2014 years will be renamed Cai Wensheng (left), balls (right)

‘s most expensive domain name is not g.cn

Cai Wensheng and CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city, Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong, is to rely on the domain name started, especially Cai Wen Sheng, made in the domain of investment success is to let everyone can not occupy the peak position.

"what is a domain name I sell the most expensive?" Cai Wensheng out of the problem, immediately lifted everyone’s interest, one of the most short domain name G.cn in the world’s high voice, but Cai Wensheng shook his head and said that the domain name is cheap to sell, he bluntly shouted a "fuck" all the people, but also can set the whole room roaring with laughter, sadness and all sorts of domain name investors is not easy, even for the domain name market heavyweights, now can be so busy is unexpected.

Cai Wensheng also handled Trading (gifted as), uc.cn qiyi.com (Qiyi network), fm365.com, wanmei.com (perfect), baofeng.com (storm), kuaiche.com (Internet Express), daqi.com (banner network) and other high quality domain name, and Bionet.com is one of the most expensive domain name Cai Wensheng, bid $1 million 200 thousand, buyers is a Spanish biotechnology company.

360 spent $500 thousand acquisition of 360.cn


: Qihoo 360

The domain name

360.com sold 100 million yuan, is the largest domain news recently, Cai Wensheng also from this as a starting point, talked about when first created in the 360’s, teacher You Xiaodong Information Institute of Renmin University of China (aka "Jiro") the domain name 360.cn to sell 360 company.

then You Xiaodong took the initiative to find Cai Wensheng, let him help contact Zhou Hongyi 360.cn bought the domain name, but it is not so easy, then spent a lot of explaining Zhou Hongyi finally decided to purchase the domain name 360.cn. At that time, Zhou Hongyi as a propaganda case, said the domain name 360.cn is a gift of friends, in fact, he spent 500 thousand yuan to buy.

this also shows that the promotion of domain names is not easy, Cai Wensheng special understanding of the practice of Zhou Hongyi, after all, at the time of the environment, the value of the domain name is not very recognized. Like his own year registration card domain name yikatong.c>


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