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A brief discussion on the application of social elements in traditional advertising

advertising has nearly one thousand years of history, traditional advertising development today, happened to turn the world upside down changes, the traditional advertising form what? Four media (newspapers, magazines, television and radio) advertising and signs, light boxes, transportation and other outdoor advertising; through the development of the Internet, there search engine advertising has recently much attention of Internet advertising, text advertising, advertising and other forms of suspension can be referred to as traditional advertising.

Web3.0 background, 2010 SNS website (such as: Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent, renren.com, happy net) social media China rapidly popular social media, the Internet has become the new mainstream, grow with each passing day in the field of Internet influence. The resulting series of sharing, forwarding, comments, and other social elements gradually become one of the key factors to improve the effectiveness of advertising marketing. Social networks not only change the global Internet market, but also change the way consumers live.

‘s online life gradually from the information search, communication to the application and service, turned to online and offline interoperability and real relationships. Advertising is not one-way communication!


traditional advertising development today, there are also many deficiencies! In this small series have summed up several

, for your reference!


traditional advertising simply belongs to hard communication, no matter what consumers want, I just say!

this one-way mode of transmission, is absolutely can not meet the development of today’s advertising, the lack of consumer participation in the advertising marketing model is not complete.

with the rapid development of the Internet, a variety of new forms of Internet advertising will gradually appear, the traditional Internet advertising to attract consumers to the Internet explosion, social media (SNS, micro-blog), imperative social elements and traditional advertising combined forms of advertising,


currently well-known social advertising has ADsocial, hung media, easy media, interactive communication, etc., have taken a number of social sharing, forwarding and other social elements. The "ADsocial" social ads based on the largest social sharing platform "JiaThis" produced by the massive daily social sharing data, based on integration of forwarding, sharing social elements, with the largest social comment platform "Friends of words" social network communication technology.

advertising audience to watch the content of the same time, social media to log on advertising review, forwarding, sharing and other interactive behavior. The resulting content or data through the ADsocial system into more social media circles to be more widely spread, speed up the effectiveness of online advertising and conversion rate, improve the advertiser’s investment return


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