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Product manager ecological survey most people think that PM is a meeting dog

hunting cloud network reported in February 26th (compiled: Ellen


in fact, the product manager has become a new force, many modern organization management. However, their role in real life cannot be recognized very well, even sometimes misunderstood.

so we often think, "how and by what means to people a good interpretation of the importance of the product manager? Is it really so that we can only truly into their lives, they can experience


we have gathered a total of 106 product managers from all walks of life from all kinds of small and medium enterprises and fortune 500 companies to participate in an online questionnaire.

planning and implementation

first of all, we asked them about their professional role, what the company is doing, and their response as expected, the same. Here are a few examples:

"I am a product manager for the company. I usually deal with the masses of consumers, I also have some of their own products. I also work with the marketing department from time to time to give them some reliable information……"

"I lead the product strategy, from product development to scheduling and deployment, often with sales manager, marketing manager, business manager and R & D manager……"

"I am responsible for managing and promoting the entire development cycle of the product, from the initial stage to the post and then to the review."

in response to routine business, product managers say they are generally engaged in strategic work. A handful of people mentioned that they had some special skills, such as writing code themselves. Here are some statistics on the percentage of the daily activities of the product managers involved:


2015 – depth analysis of the daily activities of product managers:

81% product managers think their main task is strategic work;

84% people feel they have to work for the top management every day;

90% almost all product managers must do every day is to participate in various meetings;

Product manager

34% still have other management tasks;

60% people need to communicate with each other on a regular basis, the results of the work;

61% product manager is to communicate with consumers every day;

43% in addition, there are some people who want to work with the company’s consultants and even suppliers.

it is not surprising that almost all the product managers have to do every day is a meeting, no doubt reflects the communication is the most important thing in their work.

consumer focus "


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