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From UNQLO to Lujiazui the network outlet of pigs can fly


the development of the Internet, the network marketing platform model open, always give people a little panic and anxiety. There are always some restless people, spread through the network vulgar and indecent video, in order to win the eye. Bad business in order to achieve the purpose of marketing, and even spared no expense to disturb tens of millions of Internet users. This vulgar marketing behavior, a serious violation of the Internet related agreements must be cleaned up and rectification.

last month (May 25th), the micro-blog driver’s one called Lujiazui Four Seasons Hotels video will soon be on top of the micro-blog hot search, for a time became a hot topic of micro-blog users. This indecent video, severely damaged the social morality, the protagonist should be severely punished.

even posted a message: "you missed Sanlitun’s, missed the betta live making dolls you also miss Lujiazui?" the naked temptation of language, and social development has obvious misfits, violated the law.

is a big platform for the Internet, all civilized etiquette with the spread of things, learn from each other is commendable. The netizen said: what is wrong with distorted usage, crooked ways of marketing, seriously discredit the humanity, naked behavior is really Speechless."

Lujiazui video is the fire, but has been out of the human nature of the original intention of positive energy transmission. Shenzhen evening news commentator Shi Di commented that if the event UNIQLO created a new "enclave" — a fitting room, then the Lujiazui five star hotel is indecent video space strategy back. There is no denying the fact that it once again aroused people’s latent vulgar. A motley crew or social elite or herd were few; the formation of another color of the marketing effect, from the hotel to Home Furnishing and Home Furnishing shares are given to different stimuli."

look at the whole incident in Lujiazui, there are a lot of people do feel a vicious voice in stimulating ears. Why again and again, three of similar things, if the increase in penalties, such events will be reduced after.

in other words, the Internet era marketing events emerge in endlessly, some people in order to become famous, and even what kind of tricks can be made out, as long as the famous on the line. But the serious Internet does not meet the relevant laws and regulations, but also contrary to social morality.

also do not know why, for some vulgar marketing behavior is particularly offensive and disgusting. Can not be normal, do not corrupt the Internet platform, we are learning, should respect some. Although it is necessary to do the Internet promotion, but to be normal, some things can not be done too much.

on the network hot events, mostly to the vulgar detonated, a lot of bad promotion and so proud, don’t know what this is psychological.

after the event got drifting profusely and disorderly UNIQLO, Sanlitun a fire, businesses also sign up. Then marketers later see, UNIQLO.


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