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Birchbox website to create a new subscription model for two years members break 100 thousand

Birchbox website was founded in 2010 by Hai Li and Katia, a new subscription retail model website, as of February 2012, the number of members has exceeded 100 thousand. At present, the amount of financing reached $11 million 900 thousand, employees from the initial increase of 3 to the current population of, Birchbox has been working with the top more than and 130 brands.

and Birchbox as the new site two young people have created what originality has attracted so many members and high-end brand

?This new

subscription retail website, customers pay 10 dollars a month to become a member, fill out personal information online, every month will receive at least 4 cosmetic samples from more than and 80 high-end retailers (such as KIEHL S, LauraMercier, Smashbox and so on) at home. Birchbox can also be purchased through the online magazine of the product retail, and membership points have a corresponding discount. In fact, the website was created because Hayley had a beauty editor friend, often ask her to test his plan’s top beauty products, in the lucky he thought of every woman, probably are eager to have such a beauty editor friend, you can get a lot of trial sample, Yu Shiha, after graduation she told Alumni Katia opened the the new website.

for cosmetics retailers, such sites just as they promote the platform. We often see in the counter retail is giving the sample or sample with fashion publications with to let consumers use, but this way in addition to spend a lot of money, but also easy to be counter pocket guide. The Birchbox has more than 100 thousand of the members of the resources, retailers can be targeted to the user put the sample, it is easy to track, to study user behavior.

membership for $10 a month, we can obtain a variety of high-end cosmetics, not face sales chatter without stop also do not have to go shopping, wear their own shoes, direct and simple, Why not?. In addition, Birchbox also for the user to develop samples. For example, the user is interested in eye shadow, you can set targeted subscriptions. Birchbox will conduct a questionnaire survey for each customer, to create personal information, according to the information for each of them to select samples, so as a member of the Birchbox, the market will have a surprise.

in addition to the various means of members and retailers, Birchbox also caught up with their biggest strengths, to maximize the use of their own websites and blogs, publishing some fashion information and even beauty makeup recommendations. Also launched a satisfactory member sharing experience. There are more than 1 thousand and 800 Birchbox blog about the beauty of the log, Birchbox box, box video spread everywhere…… This Birchbox user accounts to buy a suit rate as high as fifteen percent, while the general list of business site conversion rate can reach three percent.

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